On-line Card Catalog

On-Line Card Catalog

Following is a partial listing of the Frelinghuysen Arboretum library on-line card catalog. Click on the column heading to change sort order. The listing will be added to regularly.





none100 Flowers and How they Got Their NamesWells, Diana398.24
Gardens100 Garden Tips & TimesaversBrooklyn Botanic Garden635
Trees100 Great Garden PlantsFrederick, Wm. H. Jr.583
Gardens1000 Gardening Questions & AnswersThe New York Times635
Gardens1001 Garden Questions AnsweredHottes, Alfred Carl635
World Gardens World Plants1001 Gardens You Must See Before You DieSpencer-Jones, Rae912.1
Vegetable Gardening300 of the most asked questions about organic gardeningGerras, Charles635.1
Shade Gardening80 Great Natural Shade Garden PlantsDruse, Ken635.966
Biographical / HistoricalA Biography of Fredrick Law OlmstedRoper, Laura Wood925
Birds in the GardenA Bird-Painter's Sketch BookRickman, Philip598.2
PerennialsA Book of SalviasClebsch, Betsy635.933
WildflowersA Book of Wayside FruitsMcKenny & Johnston, Edith F586
ButterfliesA Butterfly GardenPotter-Springer, Wendy595.78
Botanical IllustrationA Catalogue of RedouteanaRedoute, Pierre704.94
HerbsA Country HerbalGordon, Lesley635.7
Garden DesignA Dictionary of Landscape ArchitectureMorrow, Baker H.712
Garden DesignA Distinctive Setting For Your HomeSmith, Alice712
Lichens, Fungi, AlgaeA Field guide to MushroomsMcKnight, Kent & Vera589
WildflowersA Field Guide to Rocky Mountain WildflowersCraighead, John J. & Ray, Frank & Davis586
Birds in the GardenA Field Guide to the BirdsPeterson, Roger Tory598.2
FernsA Field Guide to the FernsCobb, Boughton587
WildflowersA Field Guide to WildflowersPeterson, Roger Tory586
World Gardens World PlantsA Field Guide-Plants of Baja, CaliforniaCoyle, Jeanette
Ecology & EnvironmentA Fine and Peaceful KingdomDurden, Kent581.5
noneA Forest of StoriesSingh, Rina398.2
JuvenileA Forest of stories: magical tree tales from around the worlSingh, RinaJ398.2
JuvenileA Fruit is a Suitcase For SeedsRichards, JeanJ 635
GardensA Garden Book for Autumn and WinterLay, Charles Downing635
GardensA Garden Book for HoustonForum of Civics635
Flower ArrangingA Garden for CuttingParke, Margaret745.92
GardensA Garden for cutting; Gardening for Flower ArrangementsParke, Margaret635
HerbsA Garden of HerbsRohde, Eleanour Sinclair635.7
GardensA Garden of One's OwnBakalar, Elsa635
TreesA Garden of Trees and ShrubsLape, Fred583
Wildflowersa Garden of WildflowersArt,Henry W.586
noneA Gardener's Book of Plant NamesSmith, A.W.398.24
GardensA Gardener's TestamentJekyll, Gertrude635
Botanical References - ManualsA Glossary of Botanic TermsJackson, Benjamin Daydon582
CactiA Golden Guide to CactiVenning, Frank D.635.95
GardensA Guide to Buying PlantsRottenberg, Harvey635
WildflowersA Guide to Field Identification of Wildflowers of N. AmericaVenning, Frank586
HerbsA Guide to Medicinal Plants of AppalachiaUSDA for Ser635.7
World Gardens World PlantsA Guide to the Gardens of KyotoTreeb, Marc & Herman, Ron912.1
WildflowersA Guide to the Wild FlowersTaylor, Norman586
WildflowersA Guide to the Will C. Curtis Garden in The WoodsThe New England Wild Flower Society586
WildflowersA Guide to the Will C. Curtis Garden in The WoodsFerreniea, Viki586
WildflowersA Guide to the Will. C. Curtis Garden in the WoodsNew England Wildflower Society586
IrisA Handbook of Garden IrisesDykes, William Rickatson635.9344
Ecology of the GardenA Handful of DirtBial, Raymond631.4
JuvenileA Handful of DirtBial, RaymondJ 631.4
RosesA Heritage of RosesLe Rougetel, Hazel583.8
Flower ArrangingA History of Flower ArrangementBerral, Julia745.92
Garden Design - Landscape HistA History of Landscape ArchitectureTobey, G.B. Jr712.09
Garden DesignA Japanese Garden Manual for WesternersNewsom, Samuel712
GardensA Joy of GardeningSackville-West, Vita635
JuvenileA Kid's Guide to How Trees GrowAyers, PatriciaJ 635.9
JuvenileA Kid's Guide to How Trees GrowAyers, PatriciaJ 583.1
Plant ExplorationsA Life of TravelsRafinesque, C.S.508.3
GardensA Man and His GardenThompson, SR635
Botanical References - ManualsA Manual of the Flowering Plants of CaliforniaJepson, Willis Linn582
Ecology & EnvironmentA Modern HerbalGrieve, M.581.63
FernsA Natural History of FernsMoran, Robbin C.587
TreesA Natural History of Trees in East & Cent. No. AmericaPeattie, Donald Culross582.11
TreesA Natural History of Trees of Eastern & Central North AmericPeattie, Donald Culross583.1
HerbsA Patterm of HerbsRutherford, Meg635.7
LiliesA Plantman's Guide to LiliesJefferson-Brown635.9345
GardensA Plea for Hardy PlantsElliott, J. Wilkinson635
ForestsA Primer of Forestry, Part II-Practical ForestryPinchot, Gifford634.9
Botanical IllustrationA Redoute TreasuryMallory, Peter & Frances704.94
ForestsA Reverence for WoodSloane, Eric634.9
World Gardens World PlantsA Rich Spot of Earth; Thomas Jefferson's Revolutionary GardeHatch, Peter J.912.1
TreesA Sanctuary of Tropical TreesPopham, F.H.583.1
GardensA Southern GardenLawrence, E.635
Annuals, Perennials, BiennialsA Southern Garden: A Handbook for the Middle SouthLawrence, Elizabeth635.9
Horticultural TherapyA Symposium of Handicap AccessMorris County Park Commission950
PerennialsA Synoptic Guide to the Genus PrimulaFenderson, G.K.635.933
PerennialsA Synoptic Guide to the Genus PrimulaFenderson, G.K.635.933
BotanyA Textbook of General BotanyHolman, Richard & Robbins, Wilfred581
VegetablesA to Z Hints For the Vegetable GardenerMen's Garden Clubs of America635.2
WildflowersA Traveler's Guide to Roadside Wild FlowersTaylor, Kathryn S. ed586
GardensA Treasury of American GardeningWhiting, John635
Natural HistoryA Treasury of English Wild LifeTurner, W. J.500.9
Garden DesignA Treatise on the Theory and Practice of Landscape GardeningDowning, A.J.712
Juvenile FictionA Tree For MeVan Laan, NancyJ-FIC
JuvenileA Tree is a PlantBulla, Clyde RobertJ583.1
TreesA Tree is NiceUdry, Janice May583.1
JuvenileA Tree is NiceUdry, Janice MayJ 583.1
Garden MethodsA Way to GardenRoach, Margaret635.98
JuvenileA Weed is a Flower; the life of George Washington CarverAlikiJ 925
Encyclopedias & DictionariesA-Z Encyclopedia of Garden PlantsBrickell, Christopher & Zuk, Judith030.635
OrchidsABC of Orchid GrowingWatkins, John V635.9613
Horticultural TherapyAble to GardenPlease, Peter950
GardensAdventure in My GardenFox, Helen635
GardensAdventurous GardenerDonnelly, Ruah635
African VioletsAfrican Violets and Gesneriad Questions answered by 20 ExperWilson, Helen V.635.9611
African VioletsAfrican Violets, Gloxinias & Their RelativesMoore, Harold E.635.9611
Biographical / HistoricalAlexander Wilson; naturalist & pioneerCantwell, Robert925
Indoor GardeningAll About African VioletsFree, Montague635.961
BegoniasAll About BegoniasBrilmayer, Bernice635.9612
BulbsAll About BulbsOrtho Books635.934
Geraniums & PerargoniumsAll About GeraniumsSchulz, Peggy635.914
Ground CoversAll About Ground CoversDimond, Don & Michael MacCaskey635.968
Fruit TreesAll About Growing Fruits & BerriesOrtho Books634
OrchidsAll About Growing OrchidsOrtho Books635.9613
OrchidsAll About Growing OrchidsBond, Rick635.9613
Indoor GardeningAll About HousePlantsFree, Montague635.961
PerennialsAll About PerennialsOrtho Books635.933
Rock GardensAll About Rock Gardens and PlantsKolaga, Walter A.635.967
PerennialsAll About the Perennial GardenFree, Montague635.933
VinesAll About Vines and Hanging PlantsBrilmayer, Bernice585
World Gardens World PlantsAll the Plants of the BibleWalker, Winifred912.1
GardensAllergy-Free GardeningOgren, Thomas Leo635
Rock GardensAlpine Garden PlantsIngwersen, Will635.967
Rock GardensAlpine Garden PlantsBlanford Press, Eng635.967
TreesAlpine Plants of North AmericaNicholls, Graham582.1375
Rock GardensAlpine Plants of North AmericaNicholls, Graham635.967
Rock GardensAlpine StudiesClay, Sampson635.967
Rock GardensAlpines and Bog PlantsFarrer, Reginald635.967
Rock GardensAlpines, The Illustrated DictionaryInnes, Clive635.967
InsectsAmazing InsectsMound, Laurence595.7
JuvenileAmazing InsectsMound, LawrenceJ 595.7
GardensAmerica's Garden BookBush-Brown, James635
World Gardens World PlantsAmerica's Greatest Garden, The Arnold ArboretumWilson, E.H.912.1
WildflowersAmerica's Vanishing FloraCenter for Plant Conservation586
Garden Design - Landscape HistAmerican Cottage GardensBrooklyn Botanic Garden712.09
GardensAmerican Cottage GardensBrooklyn Botanic Garden635
FernsAmerican FernsRoberts, Edith A & Lawrence, Julia R.587
GardensAmerican Gardens of the 18th CenturyLeighton, Ann635
GardensAmerican Gardens of the 19th CenturyLeighton, Ann635
GardensAmerican Gardens: A Traveler's GuideBrooklyn Botanic Garden635
BotanyAmerican Household BotanySumner, Judith581
Burbank, LutherAmerican Indian MedicineVogel, Virgil, J.581.1
Burbank, LutherAmerican Medicinal Plants; an Illustrated & Descriptive GuidMillspaugh, Charles F.581.1
Ecology & EnvironmentAmerican Plants for American GardensRoberts, Edith A. & Rehmann, Elsa581.5
WildflowersAmerican Plants for American GardensRoberts, Edith & Rehmann, Elsa586
RosesAmerican Rose Annual, 1968American Rose Society583.8
WildflowersAmerican TreasuresJacobs, Don L. & Rob L.586
WildflowersAmerican WildflowersMoldenke, Harold N.586
Annuals, Perennials, BiennialsAn American Cutting GardenMcIntire, Suzanne635.9
Flower ArrangingAn American Style of Flower ArrangementTharp, Leonard745.92
Natural HistoryAn American YearBorland, Hal500.9
HerbsAn Artist's HerbalMansfield, Louise635.7
HerbsAn Aztec Herbal-Classic Codex 1552Gates, William635.7
Flower ArrangingAn Eighteenth Century GarlandFisher, Louise745.92
Encyclopedias & DictionariesAn Enclyclopedia of Shade PerennialsSchmid, Wolfram G.030.635
Annuals, Perennials, BiennialsAn Encyclopedia of Shape PerennialsSchmid, Wolfram George635.9
World Gardens World PlantsAn English Arcadia 1600-1990; Designs for Gardens & Garden BJackson-Stops, Gervase912.1
HerbsAn HerbalLarkey, Sanford V.635.7
TreesAn Illustrated Encyclopedia of ClematisToomey, Mary583
Botanical References - ManualsAn Illustrated Flora of the Northern US & CanadaBritton, Nathaniel Lord582
TreesAn Illustrated Guide to MaplesDeBeaulieu, Antoine Le Hardy583
GardensAn Illustrated History of GardeningHuxley, Anthony635
Edible PlantsAn Instant Guide to Edible PlantsForey, Pamela & Fitzsimons C.592
Edible PlantsAn Instant Guide to Edible PlantsForey, Pamela & Fitzsimons C.592
Garden DesignAn Introduction to Landscape ArchitectureLaurie, Michael712
BotanyAn Introduction to Plant TaxonomyLawrence, George H. M.581
Annuals, Perennials, BiennialsAn Island GardenThaxter, Celia635.9
Garden DesignAnatomy of a ParkRutledge, Albert J.712
Juvenile FictionAnd The Good Brown EarthHenderson, KathyJ FIC
Juvenile FictionAnd Then I'ts SpringFogliano, JulieJ-FIC
TreesAndorra Handbook of Trees and ShrubsAndorra Nurseries583
JuvenileAnimal Camouflagevon Frisch, OttoJ599
Ecology & EnvironmentAnimal Tracks of NJEder, Tamara581.5
AnnualsAnnualsCrockett, James635.931
AnnualsAnnualsMarston, Ted635.931
AnnualsAnnualsAmerican Horticultural Society635.931
AnnualsAnnuals and BiennialsAmerican Horticultural Society635.931
AnnualsAnnuals for ConnoisseursWinterrowd, Wayne635.931
AnnualsAnnuals for Every GardenBrooklyn Botanic Garden635.931
AnnualsAnnuals with StyleRuggiero, Michael635.931
AnnualsAnnuals: A Gardener's GuideBrooklyn Botanic Garden635.931
GardensAntique FlowersWhiteside, K.635
Pools, Foundations, Garden OrnAntique Garden OrnamentsIsrael, Barbara714
JuvenileArbor DayFisher, AileenJ581.5
Garden DesignArchitectural foliage;shape, form texture of Foliage plants Billington, Jill712
World Gardens World PlantsArchitecture in the GardenVan Sweden, James912.1
TreesAristocrats of the GardenWilson, Ernest H.583
TreesAristocrats of TreesWilson, Ernest H.583.1
Annuals, Perennials, BiennialsArmitage's Manual of Annuals, Biennials & Half-Hardy PerenniArmitage, A.M.635.9
WildflowersArmitage's Native Plants for North American GardensArmitage, Allen M.586
Flower ArrangingArrangingCook, Hal745.92
Flower ArrangingArranging FlowersMonkton, Shirley745.92
Flower ArrangingArt in BloomReam, Victoria J.745.92
Flower ArrangingArt of Arranging Flowers IkebanaSato, Shozo745.92
Crafts, Garden-RelatedArt of Drying Plants and FlowersSquires, Mabel650
RosesArt of Gardening with RosesThomas, Graham Stuart583.8
VinesArt of Training PlantsBallard, Ernesta Drinker585
Biographical / HistoricalAsa Gray, 1810-1888Dupree, A. Hunter925
TreesAsiatic Magnolias in CultivationJohnstone, G.H.583.1
Botanical References - ManualsAtlas of North American Astragalus Part IBarneby, Rupert C.582
Botanical References - ManualsAtlas of North American Astragalus Part IIBarneby, Rupert C.582
BonsaiAttracting Butterflies & Hummingbirds to Your BackyardRoth, Sally638
Biographical / HistoricalAudubonRourke, Constance925
Birds in the GardenAudubon Bird Guide Eastern Land BirdsPough, Richard H.598.2
WildflowersAudubon Society Book of WildflowersLine. Les586
Natural HistoryAudubon's AmericaPeattie, Donald Culross500.9
World Gardens World PlantsAustralian Native PlantsBrooks, A.E,912.1
Natural HistoryAutumn Across AmericaTeale, Edwin Way500.9
JuvenileAutumn LeavesRobbins, KenJ 583.1
JuvenileAutumn LeavesRobbins, KenJ 538.1
RhododendronsAzaleasHume, H.H.583.4
RhododendronsAzaleas: Kinds and CultureHume, H.H.583.4
HerbsAztec Herbal of 1552Emmart, Emily W.635.7
Biographical / HistoricalBackground in Sunshine-Memories of S. AfricaJuta, Jan925
JuvenileBackyard - One Small SquareSilver, Donald M.J 581.5
JuvenileBackyard Birds of SummerLerner, CarolJ 598.2
JuvenileBackyard Birds of WinterLerner, CarolJ 598.2
Ecology of the GardenBackyard CompostingHarmonious Technologies631.4
JuvenileBackyard Detective Critters Up CloseBishop, NICJ 595.7
Fruit TreesBackyard Fruits and BerriesSmith, Miranda634
Garden DesignBackyard LandscaperSusan Roth & Co712
JuvenileBackyard SafarisBusch, Phyllis S.J581.5
HerbsBadianus ManuscriptEmmart, Emily W.635.7
Grasses, OrnamentalBambooAustin, Robert633
Fruit TreesBanana: It's history, cultivation and place among staple fooReynolds, Philip634
Pests & DiseasesBasic Guide to PesticidesBriggs, Shirley632
IrisBasic Iris CultureAmerican Iris Society635.9344
Garden Design - Landscape HistBeatrix Farrand's American LandscapesBalmori, Diane, McGuire, Diane K. & McPeck, Eleanor M.712.09
Garden DesignBeatrix Farrand's Plant Book for Dumbarton OaksMcGuire, Diane Kostial, ed712
Biographical / HistoricalBeatrix: The Gardening Life of Beatrix JonesBrown, Jane925
World Gardens World PlantsBeautiful Gardens in AmericaShelton, Louise912.1
Natural HistoryBeautiful madnessDodson, James500.9
Indoor GardeningBeautiful Tabletop GardensKilby, Janice E.635.961
Ecology & EnvironmentBeauty for AmericaUS. Gov. Printing Office581.5
BulbsBeauty from BulbsScheepers, John635.934
ButterfliesBeesVon Frisch, Karl595.79
JuvenileBeesScholasticJ 595.75
Garden MethodsBeginner's Guide to HydroponicsDouglas, James S.635.98
GardensBeginning to GardenWodell, Helen Page635
GardensBeginning to GardenWilson, Jim635
Pools, Foundations, Garden OrnBenchesLynch, Kenneth714
Fruit TreesBest Apples to Buy & GrowBrooklyn Botanic Garden634
Ecology & EnvironmentBest of Birds & Blooms 2009Sweet, Kirsten581.5
PerennialsBetter Gardening-Book5 All About PerennialsBradshaw, John635.933
Indoor GardeningBetter Homes & Gardens HouseplantsBetter Homes & Gardens635.961
Indoor GardeningBetter House Plants for Your HomeMelady, John Hayes635.961
Biographical / HistoricalBeyond the Shining MountainsGould, Dorothy Fay925
Biographical / HistoricalBibliography of John RayKeynes, Geofrey925
Birds in the GardenBird & Flower Emblems of U.S.Simon, Hilda598.2
Birds in the GardenBird Gardens; Welcoming Wild Birds to Your YardBrooklyn Botanic Garden598.2
JuvenileBirdsGill, PeterJ 598.2
Birds in the GardenBirdsGill, Peter598.2
Birds in the GardenBirds in The GardenMcKenny, Margaret598.2
Birds in the GardenBirds of MassachusettsForbush, Edward Howe598.2
Birds in the GardenBirds of Massachusetts and Other New England States Vol I,IIForbush, Edward Howe598.2
Birds in the GardenBirds of New Jersey Field GuideTekliela, Stan598.2
Birds in the GardenBirds of the PhilippinesMayr, Ernst & Delacourt, Jean598.2
Birds in the GardenBirds of the WorldAustin, Oliver L.598.2
Birds in the GardenBirds, Their Nests & EggsNew Jersey State Museum598.2
Crafts, Garden-RelatedBlacha Glass CollectionHarvard Uni Museum650
JuvenileBlue Potatoes, Orange TomatoesCreasy, RosalindJ 635.2
Fruit TreesBlueberry CultureChilders, Norman F. & Paul Eck634
Juvenile FictionBob and OttoBruel, Robert, O.J-FIC
Garden DesignBold Vision for the GardenHartlage, Richard712
BonsaiBonkei: Tray LandscapesHirota, Jozan635.984
BonsaiBonsaiKobayashi, Norio635.984
BonsaiBonsaiJapanese Book635.984
BonsaiBonsai Culture & Care of Miniatrue TreesMcDowell, J.635.984
BonsaiBonsai for IndoorsBrooklyn Botanic Garden635.984
BonsaiBonsai ManualAlstadt, L. PL. & Young, S.635.984
BonsaiBonsai SecretsChan, Peter635.984
BonsaiBonsai with American TreesKawasumi, M.635.984
BonsaiBonsai: Indoors & OutStowell, Jerold635.984
BonsaiBonsai: The Art of Dwarfing TreesPipe, Ann K.635.984
BonsaiBonsai: Trees & ShrubsPerry, Lynn635.984
GardensBook of GardensHouse and Garden635
PerennialsBook of the DelphiniumLeeming, John F.635.933
GardensBordersHobhouse, Penelope635
noneBotanic Manuscript of Jane ColdenColden, Jane090
Botanical References - ManualsBotanicaTurner, R.G., Jr, Wasson, Ernie et al582
Encyclopedias & DictionariesBotanical Garden II:Perennials & AnnualsPhillips, Roger & Rix, Martyn030.635
Encyclopedias & DictionariesBotanical GardenI:Trees & ShrubsPhillips, Roger & Rix, Martyn030.635
Botanical IllustrationBotanical IllustrationKing, Ronald704.94
BotanyBotanical LatinStearn, William T.581
Botanical References - ManualsBotanical Latin: History, Grammar, Syntax, Terminology, VocaStearn, William T.582
BotanyBotany for GardenersCapon, Brian581
BotanyBotany for GardenersRickett, H.W.581
BotanyBotany: A Textbook for college & University StudentsRobbins, W.J. & H.R.581
Flower ArrangingBouquets That LastBrown, Emily745.92
ShrubsBoxwoodLarson P.D.583.3
World Gardens World PlantsBranklyn GardenMitchell, Bob912.1
PropagationBreeding Ornamental PlantsCallaway, Dorothy & M. Brett635.981
Ecology & EnvironmentBringing nature home; how native plants sustain wildlife in Tallamy, Douglas W.581.5
Biographical / HistoricalBritish BotanistsGilmour, John925
World Gardens World PlantsBritish Garden FlowersTaylor, George M.912.1
Indoor GardeningBromeliadas, The Colorful HouseplantsKramer, Jack635.961
Indoor GardeningBromeliadsSeaborn, Bill635.961
Ecology & EnvironmentBrother Earth, Nature, God, and Ecology in Time of CrisisNelson, Thomas581.5
Ecology & EnvironmentBrother Earth: Nature, God, And EcologySantmire, H. Paul581.5
JuvenileBugsParker, Nancy Winslow & Wright, Joan RichardsJ 595.7
JuvenileBugs! Bugs! Bugs!Barner, BobJ595.7
Greenhouse GardeningBuilding and Using our Sun-Heated GreenhouseNearing, Helen & Scott635.964
BulbsBulbsLawrence, Elizabeth635.934
BulbsBulbsPhillips, Roger & Rix, Martyn635.934
BulbsBulbsTime-Life Inc.635.934
BulbsBulbsBryan, John E.635.934
BulbsBulbs for Home GardensWister, John635.934
BulbsBulbs for IndoorsHays, Robert &Marinelli, Janet635.934
BulbsBulbs for IndoorsBrooklyn Botanic Garden635.934
BulbsBulbs for Summer BloomBaumgardt, J.635.934
BulbsBulbs of North AmericaMcGary, Jane635.934
OrchidsBurberries Orchid Cultivators GuideKitchen, J.M.635.9613
Juvenile FictionBurgess Flower Book for ChildrenBurgess, Thornton W.J-FIC
VegetablesBuried Treasures-Tasty Tubers of the WorldBrooklyn Botanic Garden635.2
Plant ExplorationsBurma's Icy MountainsKingdon, Ward F.508.3
ButterfliesButterfliesBarish, Wendy595.78
JuvenileButterfliesBarish, WendyJ 595.78
JuvenileButterflies in the GardenLerner, CarolJ 595.78
ButterfliesButterflies of North AmericaBrock, James P.595.78
ButterfliesButterflies Through BinocularsGlassberg, Jeffrey595.78
ButterfliesButterfly Gardeners GuideBrooklyn Botanic Garden595.78
ButterfliesButterfly GardeningXerces Society595.78
GardensButterfly GardensBrooklyn Botanic Garden635
ButterfliesButterfly GardensBrooklyn Botanic Garden595.78
Vegetable GardeningCabbage or Cauliflower?Eldridge, Judith635.1
CactiCacti & Succulents for Modern LivingMerchants Pub. Co.635.94
CactiCacti and Other SucculentsKramer, Jack635.95
CactiCacti and SucculentsMulligan, William C.635.95
CactiCacti and Succulents Indoor and OutdoorsVan Ness, Martha635.95
CactiCacti and Succulents Indoors and OutdoorsVan Ness, Martha635.94
CactiCacti and Their CultivationMartin, Marg. & M.J. & Auger, H.A.635.95
JuvenileCactus Desert-One Small GardenSilver, Donald M.J 635.95
CactiCactus Desert-One Small GardenSilver, Donald M.635.95
World Gardens World PlantsCalifornia Desert WildflowersMunz, Philip A.912.1
World Gardens World PlantsCalifornia Desert WildflowersUniversity of California Press912.1
CamelliasCamellias IllustratedSharp, Morrie L.583.5
Annuals, Perennials, BiennialsCampanulasCrook, H. Clifford635.911
DeerCanada Goose ManagementTapes by MCPC639.9
Biographical / HistoricalCapability-Brown & Humphrey ReptonHyams, Edward925
FernsCape Peninsula FernsRoux, J.P.587
GardensCarefree GardeningHersey, Jean635
Biographical / HistoricalCarl LinnaeusHagberg, Knut925
CarnationsCarnations and all DianthusAllwood, M.C.635.912
JuvenileCarnivorous PlantsWaters, John F.J591
Carniverous PlantsCarnivorous Plants of the US & CanadaSchnell, Donald E.591
BotanyCatalog of Minerals & PlantsCook, Geo.581
ButterfliesCaterpillars of Eastern North AmericaWagner, David L.595.78
World Gardens World PlantsCaucasus & Its FlowersHolubec, Vojtech & Pavel Krivka912.1
Biographical / HistoricalCharles Sprague Sargent and the Arnold ArboretumSutton, S.B.925
JuvenileChildren's Guide to Insects & SpidersJohnson, JinnyJ 595.7
Vegetable GardeningChilie PeppersBrooklyn Botanic Garden635.1
Flower ArrangingChinese Flower ArrangementLi, H.L.745.92
JuvenileChocolate Riches From the RainforestBurleigh, Robt.J 641.3
Biographical / HistoricalChristmas Decorations from WilliamsburgOliver, Libby925
PerennialsChrysanthemums for PleasureScott, Ernest L. and Aleita h.635.933
Weeds and their ControlsCiba-Geigy Weed TablesHaflinger, Basle632.5
World Gardens World PlantsCinchona in JavaTaylor, Norman912.1
JuvenileCity GreenDi Salvo-Ryan, DyanneJ 635
Flower ArrangingClassic Ikebana, Moribana StyleKudo, Kazuhiko745.92
ClematisClematisFretwell, Barry635.916
VinesClematis for Small SpacesEvison, Raymond J.585
ClematisClematis for Small SpacesEvison, Raymond J.635.916
Ground CoversClimbers and Ground coversHottes, Alfred635.968
Annuals, Perennials, BiennialsClimbing GardensClifton, Joan635.9
GardensClimbing PlantsTaylor, Jane635
RosesClimbing RosesScanniello, Stephen583.8
GardensColeus (Rainbow Foliage)Rogers, Ray635
Rock GardensCollectors' AlpinesHeath, Rayton E.635.967
HerbsColonial Kitchen HerbsShelton, Ferne, ed.635.7
Flower ArrangingColonial Williamsburg Decorates for ChristmasOliver, Libby745.92
Garden DesignColor and Design for Every GardenOrtloff, H. Stuart & Raymore, Henry B.712
LiliesColor Encyclopedia of Day LiliesPetit, Ted L. & John P. Peat635.9345
PerennialsColor Encyclopedia of DayliliesPetit, Ted L. & Peat, John P.635.933
Grasses, OrnamentalColor Encyclopedia of Ornamental GrassesDarke, Rick633
GardensColor For Your Winter Yard and GardenWilson, Helen635
GardensColor for Your Yard & GardenHaring, Elva635
PerennialsColor Harmonies Through The SeasonCox, Jeff & Marilyn635.933
Flower ArrangingColor in Flower ArrangementWilson, Adelaide745.92
GardensColor in Your GardenHobhouse, Penelope635
Birds in the GardenColor Key to North American BirdsChapman, Frank M.598.2
Garden DesignColor Schemes for the Flower GardenJekyll, Gertrude712
AnnualsColor with AnnualsOrtho Books635.931
WildflowersColorado WildflowersRoberts, Harold & Rhoda586
GardensColour dictionary of Garden PlantsHay, Roy & Synge, Patrick M.635
Rock GardensColoured Vade-Mecum to the Alpine FloraSchroter, C.635.967
RosesCombined Rose List, 1985Dobson, Beverly583.8
Crafts, Garden-RelatedCommemorative AlbumYoshimora School of Bonsai685.984
TreesCommon Forest Trees of New JerseyLentz, Austin583.1
World Gardens World PlantsCommon Plants of Palm Beach & Broward CountiesPine Job Environmental Science Center912.1
Pests & DiseasesCommon-Sense Pest ControlOlkowski, William, Dear, Sheila & Olkowski Helen632
Birds in the GardenCommunity GardeningBrooklyn Botanic Garden625
GardensCommunity GardeningBrooklyn Botanic Garden635
Garden MethodsCompanion PlantingMcClure, Susan635.98
AnnualsComplete Book of AnnualsRockwell, F.F & Grayson, Ester635.931
CactiComplete Book of Cacti & SucculentsHewitt, Terry635.95
Flower ArrangingComplete Book of Cut Flower CareVaughan, Mary Jane745.92
HerbsComplete Book of HerbsBremness, Lesley635.7
HerbsComplete Book of HerbsBremness, Lesley635.7
Pruning / ShapingComplete Book of PruningCoombs, Duncan635.983
GardensComplete Book of The GardenReaders Digest635
Ecology of the GardenComplete Compost Gardening GuidePleasant, Barbara & Deborah L. Martin631.4
Flower ArrangingComplete Flower ArrangingMacQueen, Sheila745.92
Flower ArrangingComplete Guide to Flower & Foliage ArrangementsWebb, Iris745.92
Pests & DiseasesComplete Guide to Pest ControlWare, George W.632
Garden DesignComplete Home Landscaping & Garden GuideKorbobo, Raymond P.712
Garden Structures - Patio, TerComplete Patio BookSunset Books717
JuvenileCompostGlaser, LindaJ631.4
Ecology of the GardenCompostThompson, Ken631.4
ConifersConifersVan Gelderen, D.M.583.2
ConifersConifers Coming of Age, Dwarf & UnusualCutler, Sandra Mclean583.2
ConifersConifers of CaliforniaLanner, Eugene O.583.2
Ecology & EnvironmentConservation and YouHitch, Allen S. & Sorenson, Marian581.5
Flower ArrangingConstance Spry Book of Flower ArrangingPiercy, Harold745.92
Container GardeningContainer & Baskets for Year Round ColorMcHoy, Peter635.963
Container GardeningContainer GardeningAmerican Horticultural Society635.963
Container GardeningContainer Gardening Indoors & OutKramer, Jack635.963
Container GardeningContainersAmerican Horticultural Society635.963
PerennialsContemporary PerennialsCumming, Rod & Lee, Robert635.933
GardensContinous Bloom in AmericaShelton, Louise635
PerennialsContinuous BloomDuthie, Pam635.933
Annuals, Perennials, BiennialsContinuous Bloom in AmericaShelton, Louise635.9
Crafts, Garden-RelatedCooking with FlowersLeggatt, Jenny650
HerbsCornell Book of HerbsMackin, Jeanne635.7
Garden MethodsCorrect Planting MethodsCountryside Books635.98
Flower ArrangingCorsage CraftReusch, Glad & Noble, Mary745.92
Annuals, Perennials, BiennialsCorsage MakingStevenson, Violet635.9
GardensCountry Cottage CompanionCole, Peggy635
Annuals, Perennials, BiennialsCountry FlowersBailey, Lee635.9
Fruit TreesCrabapples of Documented Authentic OriginUSDA Agricultural Research Service634
Crafts, Garden-RelatedCrafts-Preserve Flowers #315 (Video)Maher, Lee650
World Gardens World PlantsCrathes Castle & GardensThompson, Oliver912.1
CactiCrazy About Cacti and SucculentsBrooklyn Botanic Garden635.95
Rock GardensCreating & Planting Alpine GardensMurfitt, Rex635.967
Garden Structures - Patio, TerCreating and Planting Garden TroughsFingerut, Joyce & Martin, Rex717
Crafts, Garden-RelatedCreating Patterns from Grasses, Seedheads & ConesFoster, Maureen650
Flower ArrangingCreative Decorations with Dried FlowersThompson, Dorothea745.92
Crafts, Garden-RelatedCreative Decorations with Dried FlowersThompson, Dorothea650
Garden DesignCreative GardensRose, James C.712
Annuals, Perennials, BiennialsCrockett's Flower GardenCrockett, James635.9
Indoor GardeningCrockett's Indoor GardenCrockett, James635.961
VegetablesCrockett's Victory GardenCrockett, James635.2
Juvenile FictionCucumber SoupKrudwig, Vickie LeighJ-FIC
VegetablesCucumbers in a FlowerpotSkelsey, Alice635.2
HerbsCulinary Herbs & CondimentsGrieve, M.635.7
HerbsCulpepper's Color HerbalPotterton, David635.7
FernsCultivated Palms-A Special IssueAmerican Horticulture Magazine587
TreesCultivated Palms-A special issue of the American HorticulturAmerican Horticulture society583
World Gardens World PlantsCulzeanLearmont, David912.1
Botanical IllustrationCurtis's Flower Garden DisplayedWhittle, Tyler & Cook, Christopher704.94
Flower ArrangingCut FlowersGuild, Tricia745.92
GardensCyclopedia of PerfumeryParry, Ernest J.635
Encyclopedias & DictionariesCyclopedia of PerfumeryParry, Ernest J.030.635
DaffodilsDaffodils for American GardensHeath, Brent & Becky635.9341
JuvenileDandelionKite, L. PatriciaJ 586
JuvenileDandelionsPosada, MiaJ 632.5
Weeds and their ControlsDandelionsPosada, Mia632.5
Juvenile FictionDandylionBremer, TerryJ-FIC
Poisonous PlantsDangerous Plants and MushroomsAllen, Missy590
Biographical / HistoricalDarwin RetriedMacbeth, Norman925
PerennialsDayliliesStout, A.B.635.933
PerennialsDaylilies-Beginners HandbookParry, Ben & Allwood, John635.933
Garden Structures - Patio, TerDeck ScapingEllis, Barbara W.717
Flower ArrangingDecorating with FlowersMaia, Ronald745.92
Flower ArrangingDecorating with Texas Naturals: Grasses Pods Vines WeedsSteitz, Quentin745.92
Garden Structures - Patio, TerDecorating Your GardenRoss, Pat717
DeerDeerproofing your Yard & GardenHart, Rhonda M.639.9
PerennialsDelphinium Society yearbookCooper, Leslie635.933
PerennialsDelphiniumsEdwards, Colin635.933
World Gardens World PlantsDescriptive Guide Book of Virginia's Old GardensChristian, Mrs. Andrew H. & Massie, Mrs. William R.912.1
Garden DesignDesign & Maintane Your Edible Landscape NaturallyKourik, Robert712
Flower ArrangingDesign for Flower ArrangersRiester, Dorothy W.745.92
Flower ArrangingDesign in Flower ArrangementArms, John T. & Dorothy N.745.92
Garden Design - Landscape HistDesign on the LandNewton, Norman712.09
HerbsDesigning an Herb GardenBrooklyn Botanic Garden635.7
GardensDesigning Borders for Sun & ShadeBrooklyn Botanic Garden635
Garden DesignDesigning Your GardenTime-Life712
GardensDiary of a Country WomanCole, Peggy635
Plant ExplorationsDiary of a Journey through the Carolinas, Georgia & FloridaBartram, John508.3
Biographical / HistoricalDiary of a Scotch GardnerBlaikie, Thomas925
Ecology & EnvironmentDictionary of EcologyHanson, Herbert C.581.5
Encyclopedias & DictionariesDictionary of GardeningRoyal Horticultural Society030.635
GardensDictionary of Gardening: A Practical and Scientific EncyclopRoyal Horticultural Society635
GardensDictionary of Gardening: Supplement 1956 Supplement 1969Royal Horticultural Society635
GardensDig & SowLobb, Janice635
JuvenileDig & Sow (At Home With Science)Lobb, JaniceJ 635
JuvenileDig, Plant, GrowRushing, FelderJ 635
GardensDirections for the Gardener at Says-CourtEvelyn, John635
GardensDirectory of Gardening ResourcesGarden Club of America635
TreesDirr's Hardy Trees and ShrubsDirr, Michael A.583
Ecology of the GardenDirt-The Ecstatic Skin of the EarthLogan, William Bryant631.4
JuvenileDirt:The Scoop on SoilRosinsky, Natalie MJ 635
JuvenileDirt:The Scoop on SoilRosinsky, Natalie MJ 631.4
Horticultural TherapyDisabled Museum Visitors:Part of Your General PublicSmithsonian Institution950
JuvenileDiscovering TreesFlorian, DouglasJ 583.1
Pests & DiseasesDiseases & Pests of Ornamental PlantsDodge, Bernard O. & Rickett, Harold W.632
Pests & DiseasesDiseases and pests of ornamental plantsPirone, Pascal P.632
Pests & DiseasesDiseases of Trees and ShrubsSinclair, Wayne A.632
Pools, Foundations, Garden OrnDo It Yourself Garden Construction Know-HowOrtho714
Garden DesignDo's and Don?t's of Home Landscape DesignStoffel, Robert J.712
GardensDown The Garden PathNichols, Beverly635
PerennialsDream Plants for the Natural GardenGerritsen, Henk & Oudolf, Piet635.933
ConifersDwarf and Slow Growing ConifersHornibrook, Murray583.2
BulbsDwarf BulbsMathew, Brian635.934
Fruit TreesDwarf Fruit TreesSouthwick, Lawrence634
Fruit TreesDwarf Fruit TreesAtkinson, Robert E.634
RhododendronsDwarf RhododendronsCox, Peter A.583.4
ShrubsDwarf ShrubsWyman, Donald583.3
Crafts, Garden-RelatedDyes From NatureBrooklyn Botanic Garden650
PerennialsEarly Perennials, Volume 1Phillips, Roger & Rix, Martyn635.933
Garden Design - Landscape HistEarly Scottish Gardeners & Their PlantsRobertson, Forbes W.712.09
Juvenile FictionEarth & Me, Our Family TreeLewis, J PatrickJ-FIC
Garden Design - Landscape HistEarthly ParadisesCarroll, Maureen712.09
Ecology of the GardenEast Composting; Environmentally Friendly GardeningOrtho Books631.4
RosesEasy Care Roses; Low Maintenance CharmersBrooklyn Botanic Garden583.8
Ecology of the GardenEasy CompostBrooklyn Botanic Garden631.4
Ecology of the GardenEasy Composters You Can BuildNoyes, Nick631.4
GardensEasy Gardening with Drought Resistant PlantsNehrling, A. & I.635
LawnsEasy LawnsBrooklyn Botanic Garden635.969
Ecology & EnvironmentEcologyOdum, Eugene P.581.5
VegetablesEdible GardensPeters, Elizabeth635.2
WildflowersEdible Wild PlantsMedsger, Oliver Perry586
Edible PlantsEdible Wild Plants : A North American Field guideElias, Thomas S. & Peter A. Dykeman592
WildflowersEdible Wild Plants of Eastern North AmericaKinsey, A.C. and M.L. Fernard586
WildflowersEdible Wild Plants of Pennsylvania and Neighboring StatesMedve, Richard J. & Mary Lee586
Flower ArrangingElegance in FlowersIngham, Vicky745.92
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HerbsElixirs of LifeLeyel, Mrs. C. F.635.7
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Natural HistoryEnchanted Trails of Glacier ParkLaut, Agnes, C.500.9
FernsEncyclopedia of Ferns: an introduction to ferns, their strucJones, David L.587
Encyclopedias & DictionariesEncyclopedia of GardeningBrickell Christopher030.635
Fruit TreesEncyclopedia of Hardy FruitsHedrick634
Encyclopedias & DictionariesEncyclopedia of Herbs & Their UsesBown, Deni030.635
Indoor GardeningEncyclopedia of House PlantsBeckett, Kenneth A.635.961
Pests & DiseasesEncyclopedia of Natural Insect & Disease ControlYepsen, Jr. Roger632
RhododendronsEncyclopedia of Roododendron HybridsCox, Peter & Kenneth583.4
Ecology & EnvironmentEncyclopedia of water garden plantsSpeichert, C.Greg581.76
Pools, Foundations, Garden OrnEnglish Garden OrnamentsEdwards, Paul714
World Gardens World PlantsEnglish GardensHuams, Edward912.1
RosesEnglish RosesAusten, David583.8
Indoor GardeningEnjoy Your House PlantsJenkins, Dorothy & Wilson, Helen Van Pelt635.961
Flower ArrangingEntertaining Ideas From WilliamsburgRoundtree, Susan H.745.92
VinesEspaliers and Vines for the HomePerkins, Harold O.585
Horticultural TherapyEssential ToolsBrooklyn Botanic Garden950
Container GardeningEuphorbiasTurner, Roger635.9633
Rock GardensEuropean Alpine Flowers in ColorBarneby, T.P.635.967
Natural HistoryEverglades Wild GuideGeorge, Jean Craighead500.9
ShrubsEvergreen ShrubsTime-Life 583.3
ConifersEvergreensLoewer, H. Peter583.2
Flower ArrangingEverlastings-Comp. Book of Dried FlowersThorpe, Patricia745.92
Flower ArrangingEverlastings-Comp. Book of Dried FlowersThorpe, Patricia745.92
GardensEvery Day in My GardenVerplanck, Virginia E.635
Indoor GardeningEvery Room a GardenSkelsky Alice & Mooney, Cecile635.961
World Gardens World PlantsExotic Plants of the WorldHuxley, Anthony J.912.1
Encyclopedias & DictionariesExoticaGraf, A.B.030.635
Encyclopedias & DictionariesExotica 3: Pictorial Cyclopedia of Exotic Plants. Guide to Graf, A.B.030.635
Natural HistoryExploring Our National Parks and MonumentsButcher, Devereux500.9
Crafts, Garden-RelatedFairie-alityEllwand, David650
JuvenileFairy Crafts: 23 Enchanting Toys, Gifts, Costumes and Party Boyd, HeidiJ 745.5
JuvenileFairy FunSchwartz, Marla SchramJ 745.5
JuvenileFairy IslandMartin, M. LauraC. & CameronJ 745.5
JuvenileFall Apples: Crisp and JuicyRustad, Martha E.H.J635
TreesFall Color & Woodland HarvestsBell, C. Ritchie & Lindsey, Anne H.583
Juvenile FictionFall Is Not EasyKelley, MartyJ-FIC
JuvenileFall Leaves: Colorful and CrunchyRustad, Martha E.H.J635
JuvenileFall Pumpkins: Orange and PlumpRustad, Martha E.H.J635
JuvenileFall: Harvest : Bringing in FoodRustad, Martha E.H.J635
TreesFantastic TreesMenninger, Edwin A.583.1
JuvenileFarmer George Plants a NationThomas, PeggyJ 925
Plant ExplorationsFarrer's Last JourneyCox, E.H.M.508.3
JuvenileFascinating World of BeesJulivert, AngelsJ 595.79
GardensFeast Your EyesPennington, Susan635
Garden Design - Landscape HistFeng Shui your Garden for DummiesZiegler, Holly & Lawler, Jennifer712.09
FernsFern and Palms in Your HomeCountryside Books587
FernsFern Grower's ManualHoshizaki, Barbara587
FernsFerns and Palms for Interior DecoratingKramer, Jack587
FernsFerns for American GardensMickel, John T.587
FernsFerns for Garden and GreenhousesMacself, A.J.587
FernsFerns of FloridaSmall, John Kunkel587
FernsFerns of North Eastern USWiley, Farida587
FernsFerns of The Eastern Central States with special reference tShaver, Jesse M.587
FernsFerns of the NorthwestFrye, Theo587
FernsFerns of the Vicinity of New YorkSmall, John Kunkel587
FernsFerns to Know & GrowFoster, Gordon F.587
FernsFerns to Know & GrowFoster, Gordon F.587
FernsFerns: Wild Things Make a Comeback in the GardenBrooklyn Botanic Garden587
TreesField Book of American Trees and ShrubsMathews, F. Schuyler583
WildflowersField Book of American WildflowersMathews, f. Schuyler586
WildflowersField Book of Western WildflowersArmstrong, Margaret586
Edible PlantsField Guide to Edible PlantsAngier, Bradford592
Weeds and their ControlsField Guide to WeedsCrockett, Lawrence J.632.5
Biographical / HistoricalFifty Blooming Years 1913-1963Garden Club of America925
Ecology & EnvironmentFinal Environmental Impact Statement 1987U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service581.5
JuvenileFirst Field Guide BIRDSNational Audubon SocietyJ 590.2
Birds in the GardenFirst Field Guide BirdsNational Audubon Society598.2
TreesFirst Field Guide TREESNational Audubon Society583.1
JuvenileFirst Field Guide WildflowersNational Audubon SocietyJ586
GardensFirst GardenGuest, C.Z.635
JuvenileFirst PEAS to the Table; How Thomas Jefferson inspired a schGrigsby, SusanJ 925
BotanyFirst Studies of Plant LifeAtkinson, George Francis581
Birds in the GardenFlight into SunshineCruickshank, Helen598.2
Botanical References - ManualsFlora CarolinianaArnold Arboretum582
Flower ArrangingFlora DomesticaBlacker, Mary Rose745.92
Botanical References - ManualsFlora of Japan (in English)Ohwi, Jisaburo582
Botanical References - ManualsFlora of West Virginia-Part IStrausbbough, P.D. & Core, Earl L.582
Botanical References - ManualsFlora VirginicaGronovius, Johan Frederick582
Flower ArrangingFloral Art for Religious EventsTolle, Leon, Jr.745.92
Flower ArrangingFloral Design ConceptsMcCoy, Ruth745.92
World Gardens World PlantsFlorida Landscape PlantsWatkins, John912.1
WildflowersFlorida WildflowersBaker, Mary F.586
Gardening Under LightsFlourescent Light GardeningCherry, Elaine635.962
Flower ArrangingFlower Arrangement in ColorRockwell, F.F. & Grayson, E.C.745.92
Flower ArrangingFlower Arrangements for All OccasionsFort, Marie745.92
Flower ArrangingFlower Arrangements in Stately HomesClements, Julia745.92
Flower ArrangingFlower ArrangingBetter Homes & Gardens745.92
Flower ArrangingFlower Decoration Spry, Constance745.92
Flower ArrangingFlower Decoration in ChurchesMacQueen, Sheila745.92
Crafts, Garden-RelatedFlower Drying with a MicrowaveJoosten, Titia650
Flower ArrangingFlower Drying With a MocrowaaveJoosten, Titia745.92
Juvenile FictionFlower Fairies. Secret WorldBarker, Cicely MaryFIC
Botanical References - ManualsFlower FinderWatts, May T.582
Garden DesignFlower Garden PlansOrtho Books712
Plant ExplorationsFlower HuntersGribben, John & Mary508.3
Botanical IllustrationFlower Painting by Great MastersMarcus, Marg704.94
Botanical IllustrationFlower Painting by Great MastersMarcus, Marg704.94
Encyclopedias & DictionariesFlower Show & Judging GuideGarden Club of America030.635
Annuals, Perennials, BiennialsFlowercraftStevenson, Violet635.9
BulbsFlowering Bulbs for Winter WindowsWalker, Marion635.934
Ecology & EnvironmentFlowering EarthPeattie, Donald Culross581.5
Indoor GardeningFlowering HouseplantsTime-Life Inc.635.961
FernsFlowering Plants and FernsWillis, J.C.587
ShrubsFlowering ShrubsZucker, Isabel583.3
ShrubsFlowering ShrubsDruse, Ken583.3
TreesFlowering Shrubs and Small TreesZucker, Isabel583
TreesFlowering Trees of the CaribbeanWhite, William C.583.1
VinesFlowering VinesBrooklyn Botanic Garden585
JuvenileFlowersBurnie, DavidJ 635.9
noneFlowers and PlantsShosteck, Robert398.24
noneFlowers and their historiesCoats, Alice M.398.24
TreesFlowers for All SeasonsCox, Jeff & Marilyn583
Flower ArrangingFlowers for ArrangementMacQueen, Sheila745.92
Annuals, Perennials, BiennialsFlowers for cutting & drying "The Time-Life Gardener's GuideTime-Life Inc.635.9
Annuals, Perennials, BiennialsFlowers in the Winter GardenGraff, M.M.635.9
World Gardens World PlantsFlowers of CyprusGeorgiades, Christos912.1
Annuals, Perennials, BiennialsFlowers of EuropePolunin, Oleg635.9
WildflowersFlowers of Field, Hill and SwampCreevey, Caroline A.586
WildflowersFlowers of Mountain and PlainsClements, Edith S.586
World Gardens World PlantsFlowers of the Holy LandVester, Bertha912.1
Annuals, Perennials, BiennialsFlowers of the WorldLemmon, Robert S. & Sherman, Charles635.9
Annuals, Perennials, BiennialsFlowers of the WorldPerry, Frances635.9
Crafts, Garden-RelatedFlowers that Last ForeverJacobs, Betty E.650
Annuals, Perennials, BiennialsFlowers, A Guide to American WildflowersZim, Herbert S & Martin, Alexander635.9
Flower ArrangingFlowers-Book of Floral DesignPryke, Paula745.92
Flower ArrangingFlowers-East and WestConway, Gregory745.92
Flower ArrangingFlowers-Their ArrangementConway, Gregory745.92
Indoor GardeningFoliage HouseplantsTime-Life Inc.635.961
noneFolklore and Odysseys of Food and Medicinal PlantsLehner, Erns and Johanna398.24
noneFolklore and Symbolism of Flowers, PlantsLehner, Erns and Johanna398.24
Edible PlantsForaging for Dinner: collecting & Cooking Wild FoodsRussell, Helen Ross592
MossesForest of Lilliput: The Realm of Mosses & LichensBland, John588
Garden DesignForm and Space of Japanese ArchitectureCarver, Norman F., Jr.712
Plant ExplorationsForward the NationPeattie, Donald Culvoss508.3
Garden DesignFoundation PlantingJohnson, Leonard H.712
Garden Design - Landscape HistFounding GardenersWulf, Andrea712.09
GardensFour Hedges A Gardener's ChronicleLeighton, Clare635
Garden DesignFour Season LandscapeRoth, Susan A.712
GardensFour Seasons in a Vermont GardenEck, Joe & Winterrowd, Wayne635
HerbsFragrance in the GardenTaylor, Norman635.7
HerbsFragrant DesignsBrooklyn Botanic Garden635.7
Juvenile FictionFran's FlowerBruce, LisaJ-FIC
JuvenileFrom Acorn to Oak TreeKottke, Jan J583.1
Biographical / HistoricalFrom Seed to FlowerPenn. Horticultural Soc., The925
JuvenileFrom Seed to PlantGibbons, GailJ 635
JuvenileFrom Seed to PlantGibbons, GailJ 635
Garden DesignFront Yard Gardens; growing more than grassPrimeau, Liz712
TreesFruit Key and Twig Key to Northeastern Trees and ShrubsHarlow, Wm. M.583
Fruit TreesFruits for the Home GardenHedrick, U.P.634
Indoor GardeningFun With Growing Odd & Curious HouseplantsElbert, Virginia & George635.961
JuvenileFun With NatureBoring, MelJ 508
HerbsFun WithGrowing Herbs IndoorsElbert, G & V635.7
Annuals, Perennials, BiennialsFushsiasGoulding, Edwin J.635.9
Ecology & EnvironmentGarden and ClimateSullivan, Chip581.5
Garden Design - Landscape HistGarden ArtGothein, Marie Luise712.09
World Gardens World PlantsGarden at HighgroveWales, H.R.H. Prince of & C.L. Green912.1
Birds in the GardenGarden Bird FactsSchneck, Marcus598.2
JuvenileGarden Bird FactsSchneck, MarcusJ 598.2
GardensGarden BookSackville-West, Vita635
BulbsGarden Bulbs of ColorMcFarland, J. Horace635.934
LiliesGarden CinderellasFox, Helen Morgenthau635.9345
World Gardens World PlantsGarden Club of America Visiting Gardens GuideGarden Club of America912.1
ConifersGarden Conifers in ColourProudly, Brian & Valerie583.2
Garden DesignGarden Design and LandscapingTaylor, Albert D.712
Garden DesignGarden Design of TodayCane, Percy712
Garden Design - Landscape HistGarden Design, Landscaping, History ofGothein, Marie Luise712.09
Botanical IllustrationGarden FlowersLoudon, Jane704.94
Garden DesignGarden GraphicsNesbitt, Gemma712
GardensGarden GuideDe La Mare, A.T.635
World Gardens World PlantsGarden in a VicarageLane, John912.1
CactiGarden in AutumnLacy, Allen635.953
GardensGarden in AutumnLacy, Allen635
WildflowersGarden In The Woods Cultivation GuideBrumback, Wm.E&Longland, David R.586
Garden DesignGarden in WinterVerey, Rosemary712
InsectsGarden Insects of North AmericaCranshaw, Whitney595.7
Plant ExplorationsGarden Islands of the Great East 1006Fairchild, David508.3
LiliesGarden LiliesMacNeil, Alan & Ester635.9345
World Gardens World PlantsGarden Lover's Guide to FranceTaylor, Patrick912.1
GardensGarden LunacyWolk, Art635
Garden DesignGarden MakingRehmann, Elsa712
Garden MethodsGarden Methods The Plant DoctorWestcott, Cynthia PhD635.98
World Gardens World PlantsGarden Open TodayRix, Martyn & Alison912.1
Pools, Foundations, Garden OrnGarden OrnamentsLynch, Kenneth714
Pools, Foundations, Garden OrnGarden Ornaments, Complements & AccessoriesFoley, Daniel J.714
Pools, Foundations, Garden OrnGarden Ornaments:and EncylopediaLynch714
Crafts, Garden-RelatedGarden PhotographyBrooklyn Botanic Garden650
Garden DesignGarden Planning and GuildingOrtloff, H. Stuart & Raymore, Henry B.712
Pools, Foundations, Garden OrnGarden Pools, Fountains & WaterfallsSunset714
Pools, Foundations, Garden OrnGarden Pools, Water Lilies & GoldfishThomas, G.L.714
GardensGarden Seed InventoryWhealy, Kent635
HerbsGarden Spice & Wild-Pot HerbsRice, Myron A. & Walter C. Muenscher635.7
InsectsGarden SpiderAdrian, Mary595.7
GardensGarden StyleHobhouse, Penelope635
Garden Design - Landscape HistGarden StylesJoyce, David712.09
Encyclopedias & DictionariesGarden Terms SimplifiedHuxley, A.J.030.635
Flower ArrangingGarden to VaseBeutler, Linda745.92
TreesGarden TreesEyewitness Handbook583.1
GardensGarden WizardryDavids, Richard C.635
GardensGarden-MakingBailey, L.H.635
Crafts, Garden-RelatedGarden-related CraftsAdrosko, Rita650
Biographical / HistoricalGardener to Queen AnneGreen, David925
Encyclopedias & DictionariesGardener's Desk ReferenceBrooklyn Botanic Garden030.635
ClematisGardener's Guide to Growing ClematisEvison, Raymond J.635.916
BiennialsGardener's Guide to Growing HeleboresRice, Graham & Strangman, Elizabeth635.932
OrchidsGardener's Guide to Growing OrchidsBrooklyn Botanic Garden635.9613
PerennialsGardener's Guide to Growing PeoniesPage, Martin635.933
Grasses, OrnamentalGardener's Guide to Growing Temperate BamboosBell, Michael633
IrisGardener's Iris BookShear, William635.9344
Biographical / HistoricalGardener's TributeWright, Richardson925
Biographical / HistoricalGardener's WorldVon, Miklos, Josephine & Fiore, Evelyn925
Greenhouse GardeningGardener's World of BulbsBrooklyn Botanic Garden635.964
BulbsGardener's World of BulbsBrooklyn Botanic Garden635.934
LiliesGardeners Guide to Growing LiliesJefferson-Brown, Michael & Howland, Harris635.9345
Biographical / HistoricalGardeners, 19th CenturyTaylor, Geoffrey925
VegetablesGardening National Gardening Assoc.635.2
GardensGardening & BeyondBellis, Florence635
Garden MethodsGardening 101Stewart, Martha635.98
Horticultural TherapyGardening as Therapy-Fall SeasonWalline, M.W.950
Horticultural TherapyGardening as Therapy-SummerCoxon, ME & Tarrant, D.950
Horticultural TherapyGardening As Therapy-WinterWalline, M.W.950
GardensGardening BasicSunset Basic Gardening Book635
Encyclopedias & DictionariesGardening By MailBarton, Barbara030.635
Encyclopedias & DictionariesGardening EncyclopediaWyman, Donald030.635
GardensGardening for a LifetimeEddison, Sydney635
HerbsGardening For FragranceBrooklyn Botanic Garden635.7
Horticultural TherapyGardening for the Physically Handicapped & ElderlyChaplin, Mary950
GardensGardening for WildlifeBrooklyn Botanic Garden635
GardensGardening From SeedStewart, Martha635
GardensGardening From the Ground UpBryan, John E.635
RosesGardening from The Ground Up Growing RosesByran, John E.583.8
GardensGardening GuidebookArny, Mary T.635
World Gardens World PlantsGardening in BritainHadfield, Miles912.1
Container GardeningGardening in ContainersSunset Editors635.963
DeerGardening in Deer CountryDrzewucki, Vincent Jr.639.9
Annuals, Perennials, BiennialsGardening in Deer CountryDrzewucki, Vincent, Jr.639.9
Biographical / HistoricalGardening in England, HistoryCecil, The Hon. Mrs. Evelyn925
GardensGardening in MiniatureBaxendale, Martin635
GardensGardening in Small SpacesAmerican Horticultural Society635
GardensGardening in Small SpacesTime-Life635
Annuals, Perennials, BiennialsGardening in the ShadeSchmid, Wolfram George635.9
Shade GardeningGardening in the ShadeMorse, Harriet K.635.966
GardensGardening in TimeBoisset, Caroline635
GardensGardening Made EasyInternational Masters Pub.635
Garden DesignGardening Planning, The Complete ManualFell, Derek712
Garden MethodsGardening Techniques, step by stepSears, Elayne635.98
GardensGardening Through Your Golden YearsWilson, Jim635
Greenhouse GardeningGardening Under GlassEaton, Jerome635.964
Gardening Under LightsGardening Under LightsMurphy, Wendy635.962
GardensGardening with Brains: Fifty Yrs. Experiences of a HorticultFinck, Henry T.635
JuvenileGardening With ChildrenBrooklyn Botanic GardenJ 635
ShrubsGardening with ConifersBloom, Adrian583.3
ConifersGardening with ConifersBloom, Adrian583.2
HerbsGardening with HerbsFox, Helen635.7
WildflowersGardening With Native Wild FlowersJones, Samuel B. & Foote, Leonard E.586
ShrubsGardening with Shrubs & Small Flowering TreesLamson, Mary583.3
GardensGardening with the New Small PlantsAllen, Oliver E.635
Pools, Foundations, Garden OrnGardening with Water, Plantings & StoneCalkins, Carroll714
WildflowersGardening with Wildflowers and Native PlantsBrooklyn Botanic Garden586
Vegetable GardeningGardening Without PoisonsHunter, Beatrice T.635.1
Horticultural TherapyGardening without Stress and StrainKramer, Jack950
GardensGardening without WorkStout, Ruth635
GardensGardening-Month by MonthStewart, Martha635
Biographical / HistoricalGardens & Arboreta of Philadelphia & The Delaware ValleyTercentenary Gardens Collab. Edit. Board925
World Gardens World PlantsGardens & DesignShepherd, J.C. & Jellicore, G.A.912.1
GardensGardens and GardeningMercer, F.A.635
Garden Design - Landscape HistGardens and PeopleSteele, Fletcher712.09
World Gardens World PlantsGardens in AmericaCran, Marion912.1
Container GardeningGardens in Glass ContainersBaur, Robert635.963
World Gardens World PlantsGardens of AmericaMcGuire, Diane Kostial912.1
Biographical / HistoricalGardens of British BotanistsGunther, R.T.925
World Gardens World PlantsGardens of Colony & StateLockwood, Alice G.B.912.1
GardensGardens of DelightHadfield, Myles & John635
GardensGardens of DelightRohde, Eleanour Sinclair635
Garden Design - Landscape HistGardens of Ellen Biddle ShipmanTankard, Judith B.713
World Gardens World PlantsGardens of EnglandParson, Beatrice and Cook, E.T.912.1
World Gardens World PlantsGardens of EnglandCook, E.T. & Parson, Beatrice912.1
World Gardens World PlantsGardens of EuropeMcFadden, Dorothy Loa912.1
World Gardens World PlantsGardens of FrancePereire, Anita & Gabrielle van Zuylen912.1
World Gardens World PlantsGardens of GeniusHellyer, Arthur912.1
World Gardens World PlantsGardens of JapanYoshida, Tetsuro912.1
World Gardens World PlantsGardens of RomeFauro, Gabriel912.1
World Gardens World PlantsGardens of the WorldHobhouse, Penelope & Elvin McDonald912.1
World Gardens World PlantsGardens of the World Visions of ParadiseSchinz, Marina912.1
Greenhouse GardeningGardens Under GlassKramer, Jack635.964
Biographical / HistoricalGardens, Plants & ManLees, Carlton B.925
GardensGardens, Private & PersonalD'Oench, Nancy635
Garden Structures - Patio, TerGazabos and Other Garden StructuresStrombeck, Janet A. & Richard H.717
GentiansGentiansWilkie, David635.913
GentiansGentiansBartlett, Mary635.913
Plant ExplorationsGentle ConquestReveal, James L.508.3
PerennialsGenus HostaSchmid, George635.933
JuvenileGeorge Washington CarverBolden, TonyaJ 925
Biographical / HistoricalGeorge Washington, The Unknown FarmerWashington Assoc. of NJ925
JuvenileGeorge Washington; Pioneer FarmerFusonie, Alan & Donna JeanJ 925
Geraniums & PerargoniumsGeraniumsWilson, Helen635.914
Geraniums & PerargoniumsGeraniumsClifford, Derek635.914
Geraniums & PerargoniumsGeraniumsCountryside Books635.914
Geraniums & PerargoniumsGeraniums for the Home and GardenKrauss, Helen K.635.914
HerbsGerard'sHerballWoodward, Marcus635.7
Biographical / HistoricalGertrude Jekyll-A MemoirJekyll, Francis925
Indoor GardeningGesneriads:The Miracle HouseplantsElbert, Virginia & George635.961
Indoor GardeningGesnerianaWeihler, Hans635.961
GardensGet Ready, Get Set, Grow (Video)Brooklyn Botanic Garden635
Vegetable GardeningGetting The Bugs out of Organic GardeningRodale635.1
HerbsGifts From the Herb GardenTolley, Emelie & Mead, Chris635.7
Crafts, Garden-RelatedGlass Flowers from the Ware CollectionKredel, Fritz650
Crafts, Garden-RelatedGlass Flowers from the Ware collectionHarvard Uni Museum650
Garden Structures - Patio, TerGlasshouses-Architecture of Light & AirNew York Botanic Garden717
World Gardens World PlantsGlimpses of Santa Barbara & Montecito GardensBissell, Ervanna Bowen912.1
GardensGlorious Gardens to VisitDunhill, Priscilla & Sue Freedman635
World Gardens World PlantsGlorious Gardens to VisitDunhill, Pariscilla912.1
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WildflowersGoing NativeBrooklyn Botanic Garden586
Garden Design - Landscape HistGolden Age of American GardensGriswold, Mac712.09
Pools, Foundations, Garden OrnGoldfish Pools, Water Lilies & Tropical FishThomas, G.L.714
Juvenile FictionGood Morning, GardenBrenner, BarbaraJ-FIC
Garden DesignGood PlantingVerey, Rosemary712
Flower ArrangingGourmet BouquetWeinberg, Julia745.92
Crafts, Garden-RelatedGourmet BouquetWeinberg, Julia650
Vegetable GardeningGourmet VegetablesBrooklyn Botanic Garden635.1
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Grasses, OrnamentalGrasses: an identification guideBrown, Lauren633
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World Gardens World PlantsGreat Gardens of BritainThomas, C.S.912.1
World Gardens World PlantsGreat Gardens of the Western WorldCoats, Peter912.1
Garden Structures - Patio, TerGreat Houses & Gardens in N.J.Seebohm, Caroline717
WildflowersGreat Natives for Tough PlacesBrooklyn Botanic Garden586
WildflowersGreat Natives for Tough PlacesDunne, Niall, ed586
WildflowersGreat Natives for Tough PlacesBrooklyn Botanic Garden586
WildflowersGreat Smokey Mountains WildflowersCambell, Carlos;Hutson, Wm.;Sharp, Arron586
Ecology & EnvironmentGreat Swamp National Wildlife RefugeU.S. Fish and Wildlife Service581.5
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HerbsGreen EnchantmentClarkson, Rosetta635.7
Natural HistoryGreen Laurels: The Lives and Achievements of the Great NaturPeattie, Donald Culross500.9
PerennialsGreen TapestryChatto, Beth635.933
PerennialsGreen TapestryChatto, Beth635.933
GardensGreen Thoughts A Writer in the GardenPerenyi, Eleanor635
Greenhouse GardeningGreenhouseSmith, Shane635.964
Greenhouse GardeningGreenhouse GardeningTime-Life Inc.635.964
Greenhouse GardeningGreenhouse GardeningCrockett, James635.964
Greenhouse GardeningGreenhouse GardeningNoble, Mary635.964
Greenhouse GardeningGreenhouse Gardening as a HobbyCrockett, James635.964
Greenhouse GardeningGreenhouse Gardening Made EasyKramer, Jack635.964
Greenhouse GardeningGreenhouses & Garden RoomsBrooklyn Botanic Garden635.964
Greenhouse GardeningGreenhouses and Grenhouse GardeningFenten, D.635.964
Ground CoversGround Cover PlantsWyman, Donald635.968
Ground CoversGround CoversTime Life, Inc.635.968
Ground CoversGround Covers for Easier GardeningFoley, Daniel J.635.968
Ground CoversGroundcoversRoach, Margaret635.968
Indoor GardeningGrow Them IndorosWood, Allen H., Jr635.961
WildflowersGrow Wild!Johnson, Lorraine586
WildflowersGrowing & Propagating WildflowersCullina, William586
HerbsGrowing & Using the Healing HerbsWeiss, Gaena & Shandon635.7
HerbsGrowing & Using the Healthy HerbsWeiss, Gaea & Shandon635.7
Rock GardensGrowing Alpines in Raised Beds, Troughs & TufaLowe, Duncan635.967
WildflowersGrowing and Propagating Wild FlowersPhillips, Harry R.586
RosesGrowing Better RosesNisbet, Fred J.583.8
ClematisGrowing clematis: creative step-by-step guideHall, Nicolas635.916
ConifersGrowing ConifersBrooklyn Botanic Garden583.2
BulbsGrowing CyclamenNightingale, Gay635.934
Fruit TreesGrowing FruitsBrooklyn Botanic Garden634
Vegetable GardeningGrowing Fruits and Vegetables OrganicallyNick, Jean, ed635.1
RosesGrowing Roses OrganicallyWilde, Barbara583.8
Indoor GardeningGrowing to Show: How to Grow Prize-Winning African VioletsBartholomew, Pauline635.961
TreesGrowing Trees from Seed: A Practical GuideKock, Henry et al583
JuvenileGrowing Up GreenSkelsey, Alice & Huckaby, GloriaJ 635
JuvenileGrowing Vegetable SoupEhlert, LoisJ 635.2
WildflowersGrowing Wild flowersSperka, Marie586
Horticultural TherapyGrowing with Gardening, Therapy HorticulturalMoore, Bibby950
GardensGuerrilla GardeningPallenberg, Barbara635
TreesGuide for Establishing Values of Trees & Other PlantsCouncil of Trees & Landscaping583
World Gardens World PlantsGuide to Garden Tours, Garden Days, Shows & Special EventsRosenfeld, Lois G.912.1
Garden DesignGuide to Home LandscapingAjay, Betty712
World Gardens World PlantsGuide to Mid-Atlantic GardensDempsey, Jack912.1
WildflowersGuide to the Wild FlowersLounsberry, Alice586
Natural HistoryHammond's Nature Atlas of AmerJordan, E.L. PhD.500.9
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HolliesHandbook of HolliesHansell, Dorothy583.6
HolliesHandbook of HolliesAmerican Rose Society583.6
HolliesHandbook of HolliesAmerican Horticultural Society583.6
Botanical IllustrationHandbook of Plant & Floral OrnamentHatton, Richard G.704.94
TreesHandbook of the Trees of New EnglandDame, Lorin L. & Brooks, Henry583.1
WildflowersHandbook of Wildflower CultivationTaylor, Hamblin586
BonsaiHandbook on Bonsai: Special TechniquesBrooklyn Botanic Garden635.984
BonsaiHandbook on Dwarfed Potted TreesBrooklyn Botanic Garden635.984
Crafts, Garden-RelatedHandbook on Dye Plants & DyeingBrooklyn Botanic Garden650
Garden Structures - Patio, TerHandbook on TroughsAmerican Rock Garden Society717
Container GardeningHanging GardensKramer, Jack635.963
Ecology & EnvironmentHard ScrabbleGraves, John581.5
FernsHardy FernsMickel, John & Bertel, Joseph587
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RosesHardy RosesOsboarne, Robert583.8
RosesHardy Roses; An Organic Guide to Growing Frost and Disease ROsborne, Robert583.8
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Burbank, LutherHealth Plants of the world: Atlas of Medicinal PlantsBianchini, Francesco & Francesco581.1
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Ecology of the GardenHealthy Soils for Sustainable GardensDunne, Niall (editor)631.4
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ShrubsHedges and their UsesMacoun, W.T. D.SC583.3
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PerennialsHemerocallis, The DaylilyMunson, R.W., Jr.635.933
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HerbsHerbs and the EarthBeston, Henry635.7
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HerbsHerbs-Their Culture & UsesClarkson, Rosetta635.7
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VegetablesHints for the Vegetable GardenerSanders, Robert635.2
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RosesHistory of the RoseShepherd, Roy E.583.8
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BulbsHolland Bulb Forcer's GuideDeHertogh, August635.934
BulbsHolland Bulb Forcer's GuideHertogh, August De635.934
HolliesHollies, A Gardener's GuideBrooklyn Botanic Garden583.6
HolliesHollies, The Genus IlexGalle, Fred C.583.6
GardensHome and Garden Notes and ThouoghtsJekyll, Gertrude635
OrchidsHome Orchid GrowingNorthern, Rebecca T.635.9613
VegetablesHome Vegetable GardeningNissley, Charles H.635.2
TreesHomeowner's Complete Tree & Shrub HandbookO'Sullivan, Penelope583.1
Juvenile FictionHootHiaasen,CarlJ HIA
GardensHorticultural Career Training at Longwood GardensLongwood Gardens635.023
ShrubsHorticultural Gardeners Guide to ShrubsMcIndoe, Andrew583.3
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Horticultural TherapyHorticultural Therapy at a psychiatric HospitalDaubert & Rothert950
Horticultural TherapyHorticultural Therapy for the Mentally handicappedDaubert & Rothert950
Botanical IllustrationHortus BotanicusMacPhail, Ian (compiled by)704.94
Encyclopedias & DictionariesHortus SecondBailey, L.H. & Bailey, E.Z.030.635
Encyclopedias & DictionariesHortus ThirdBailey, L.H.030.635
GardensHouse and Garden's Book of GardeningWright, Richardson635
Indoor GardeningHouse PlantsOplt, J.635.961
Indoor GardeningHouseplants for Five ExposuresTaloumis, George635.961
Garden MethodsHow & Why of Better GardeningManning, Laurence635.98
JuvenileHow a Seed GrowsJordan, Helene JJ 582
GardensHow a Seed GrowsJordan, Helene, J.635
JuvenileHow A Seed GrowsJordan, Helene J.J 635
JuvenileHow Animals Tell TimeSelsman, Millicent E.J599
Fruit TreesHow do Apples Grow?Maestro, Betsy634
JuvenileHow Do Apples Grow?Maestro, BetsyJ 634
JuvenileHow Monkeys Make ChocolateForsyth, AdrianJ 581.6
BotanyHow Plants Get Their NamesBailey, L.H.581
Birds in the GardenHow to Attract BirdsOrtho Books598.2
LawnsHow to Care for Your LawnBall, Jeff635.969
Botanical IllustrationHow to Draw PlantsWest, Keith704.94
Crafts, Garden-RelatedHow To Dry Flowers the Easy WayBugbee, Audrey S.650
AnnualsHow to Grow & Use AnnualsSunset Books635.931
African VioletsHow to Grow African VioletsSunset635.9611
BulbsHow to Grow BulbsKnoll, Elsa Upmann635.934
BulbsHow to Grow BulbsSunset Books635.934
Indoor GardeningHow to Grow Fresh AirWolverton, Dr. B.C.635.961
Indoor GardeningHow to Grow Healthy HouseplantsBall, Jeff VIDEO635.961
OrchidsHow to Grow OrchidsSunset635.9613
African VioletsHow to Grow Prize-Winning African VioletsBartholomew, Pauline635.9611
Greenhouse GardeningHow to Grow Rose Greenhouse PlantsChabot, Ernest635.964
RosesHow to Grow RosesMcFarland, Horace & Pyle, Robert583.8
WildflowersHow to Grow Wildflowers and Wild Shrobs and Trees in Your OwBruce, Hal586
Vegetable GardeningHow to Have a Green thumb Without an Aching BackStout, Ruth635.1
BotanyHow to Identify PlantsHarrington, H.D.581
FernsHow to Know FernsParsons, Frances Theodora587
Grasses, OrnamentalHow to Know the GrassesPohl, Richard W.633
MossesHow to know the MossesDunham, Elizabeth Marie588
TreesHow to Know the TreesJaques, H.E.583.1
WildflowersHow to Know WildflowersStarr, Mrs. William586
WildflowersHow to Know WildflowersDana, Mrs. Wm.586
Garden DesignHow to Landscape Your HomeBushey, Donald J.712
Ecology & EnvironmentHow To Make a Forest GardenWhitfield, Patrick581.5
Flower ArrangingHow to Make Cut Flowers LastKasperski, Victoria745.92
Garden DesignHow to Plan and Plant Your Own PropertyIreys, Alice Rocknagel, L.A.712
Garden DesignHow to Plan Your Own Home LandscapeWeber, Nelva712
Rock GardensHow to Plan, Establish & Maintain Rock GardensSchenk, George635.967
Pruning / ShapingHow to Prune almost EverythingBaumgardt, J.635.983
ShrubsHow to Recognize ShrubsGrimm, William Carey583.3
TreesHow to Recognize TreesGrimm, Wm. Carey583.1
African VioletsHow to Select and Grow African Violets and Other GesneriadJames, Theodore635.9611
noneHow We Got Our FlowersAnderson, A.W.398.24
Pests & DiseasesHumane Control of WildlifeHodge, Guy R.632
Birds in the GardenHummingbird GardensBrooklyn Botanic Garden598.2
ButterfliesHummingbirds & ButterfliesOrtho Books595.78
RhododendronsHybrids & HybridizersLivingston, Philip583.4
ShrubsHybrids and HybridizersLivingston, Philip A. & West, Franklin H.583.3
Annuals, Perennials, BiennialsHydrangeas For American GardensDirr, Michael A.635.9
JuvenileI Am A LeafMarzollo, JeanJ 583.1
TreesI Am A LeafMarzollo, Jean583.1
Garden DesignIdeas for Japanese GardensSunset712
Garden DesignIdeas For Your GardenReaders Digest712
TreesIdentify Trees and Shrubs by Their LeavesKnobel, Edward583
Flower ArrangingIkebana Flower Arrangement of Ohara SchoolOhara, Houn745.92
Flower ArrangingIkebana InternationalIkebana International745.92
Flower ArrangingIkebana Spirit & TechniqueKomoda, Shysui745.92
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CactiIllustrated Encyclopedia of SucculentsRowley, Gordon635.95
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GardensIllustrated Guide to GardeningReaders Digest635
TreesIllustrated Guide to Street TreesNY Botanical Garden583.1
TreesIllustrated Guide to Street TreesElias, Thomas S.583.1
TreesIllustrated Guide to Trees and ShrubsGraves, Arthur Harmount583
TreesImportant Trees of Eastern ForestsUS Dept. of Agriculture583.1
GardensIn Harmony with NatureDarke, Rick635
World Gardens World PlantsIn Honolulu GardensNealm, Marie C. & Metzger, Berta912.1
World Gardens World PlantsIn My Vicarage Garden and ElsewhereEllacombe, Henry N.912.1
Juvenile FictionIn the Garden with Dr. CarverGrigsby, SusanJ-FIC
Ecology & EnvironmentIn Wilderness is the Preservation of the WorldPorter, Eliot581.5
GardensIn Your GardenSackville-West, Vita635
BonsaiIndoor BonsaiBrooklyn Botanic Garden635.984
Indoor GardeningIndoor GardeningBrooklyn Botanic Garden635.961
BonsaiIndoor GardeningBrooklyn Botanic Garden635.984
Garden DesignInfluential GardenersWilson, Andrew712
Garden DesignInformal GardeningKilvert, B. Cory, Jr.712
Pests & DiseasesInsect Pests and DiseasesDodge, Bernard O. & Rickett, Harold W.632
Ecology & EnvironmentInsects and GardensGrissell, Eric581.5
InsectsInsects and Other Small CreatuesAlthea595.7
InsectsInsects that Feed on Trees & ShrubsJohnson, Warren & Lyon, Howard H595.7
HolliesInternational Checklist of Cultivated IlexUS. Dept. of Agriculture583.6
Ecology & EnvironmentInterpreting our HeritageTilden, Freeman581.5
Flower ArrangingInterpretive Flower ArrangementsBrandenburger, Nelda H.745.92
GardensIntimate GardensBrooklyn Botanic Garden635
DeerInto the World of the Black BearRogers, Dr. Lynn639.9
BotanyIntroductory BotanyCronquist, Arthur581
Weeds and their ControlsInvasive PlantsBrooklyn Botanic Garden632.5
Weeds and their ControlsInvasive PlantsRandall, John M. & Marinelli, Janet (ed)632.5
World Gardens World PlantsInvereweRobson, J.E.912.1
IrisIrisKohlein, Fritz635.9344
IrisIris for Every GardenMitchell, Sydney B.635.9344
IrisIrises, A Practical Gardening GuideGlasgow, Karen635.9344
World Gardens World PlantsIrish GardensHyams, Edward912.1
World Gardens World PlantsItalian GardensMasson, Georgina912.1
World Gardens World PlantsItalian Villas and Their GardensWharton, Edith912.1
IviesIviesFearnley-Wittingstall, Jane635.9681
IviesIviesRose, Peter635.9681
Juvenile FictionJack's GardenCole, HenryJ-FIC
World Gardens World PlantsJacque Boyceau and the French Formal GardenHazlehurst, Franklin Hamilton912.1
GardensJane Pepper's GardenPepper, Jane635
BonsaiJapanese Five-Needle PineValavanis, Wm. N.635.984
Flower ArrangingJapanese Flower ArrangementAverill, Mary745.92
Flower ArrangingJapanese Flower ArrangementPreininger, Marg745.92
Flower ArrangingJapanese Flower ArrangementSparnon, Norman745.92
Flower ArrangingJapanese Flower Arrangement in a NutshellAllen, Ellen Gordon745.92
Garden DesignJapanese Garden DesignKeane, Marc P.712
Garden DesignJapanese GardensMurphy, Wendy B.712
Garden DesignJapanese GardensSunset Books712
Garden DesignJapanese Gardens for TodayEngel, David H.712
Garden DesignJapanese Inspired GardensBrooklyn Botanic Garden712
TreesJapanese MaplesVertrees, J.D.583.1
Garden DesignJapanese Traditional GardensYoshinaga, Y712
Biographical / HistoricalJohn & William Bartram's AmericaCruickshank, Helen G.925
Biographical / HistoricalJohn Evelyn and His Family CircleHiscock, W. G.925
Plant ExplorationsJohn Muir-my life with natureCornell, Joseph508.3
JuvenileJohn Muir-My Life With NatureCornell, JosephJ-508.3
Biographical / HistoricalJohn Torrey-A Story of North American BotanyRodgers, Andrew Denny III925
Biographical / HistoricalJoseh Dalton HookerTurrill, W.B.925
Natural HistoryJourney Into SummerTeale, Edwin Way500.9
Flower ArrangingJoy of Flower Arranging Vol I VIDEOMcQueen, Sheila745.92
Birds in the GardenJoys of a Garden for Your BirdsBarrington, Rupert598.2
HerbsKalendarium Hortense (1706)Evelyn, John635.7
Pests & DiseasesKeep Your Garden HealthyPyenson, Lou632
Ecology & EnvironmentKeeping a nature journal; discover a whole new way of seeingLeslie, Clare Walker & Charles W. Roth581.5
Botanical References - ManualsKeys to Woody PlantsMuenscher, W.582
JuvenileKids' Nature BookMilford, SusanJ 500.9
Juvenile FictionKing Solomon & The BeeRenberg, Dalia HardofJ-FIC
VegetablesKitchen Garden, A to ZMcGrath, Mike635.2
GardensKitchen GardensBrooklyn Botanic Garden635
Garden DesignKnot Gardens & ParterresWhalley, Robin & Anne Jennings712
TreesKnowing Your TreesBrush, Warren D. & Collingwood, G.H.583.1
TreesKnowing Your TreesCollingwood, G.H.583.1
Plant ExplorationsLand of the Blue PoppyKingdon-Ward508.3
Ecology & EnvironmentLand, Wood & WaterKerr, Senator Robert S.581.5
Garden DesignLandscape Architecture Shaping of Man's Natural EnvironmentSimonds, John Ormsbee712
Garden Design - Landscape HistLandscape Architecture-Shaping of Man's Natural EnvironmentSimonds, John O.712.09
Garden DesignLandscape Construction Procedures, Techniques, and DesignGiles, Floyd712
Garden DesignLandscape for LivingU.S. Dept of Agri.712
Garden DesignLandscape for Modern LivingSunset Magazine712
World Gardens World PlantsLandscape Gardening in JapanConder, Josiah912.1
Annuals, Perennials, BiennialsLandscape Gardening-Middle Atlantic StatesViette, Andre635.9
Biographical / HistoricalLandscape in HistoryGeikie, Sir Archibald925
Garden DesignLandscape into City ScapeFein, Albert712
Garden DesignLandscape Makeover Bookvon Trapp, Sara Jane712
Fruit TreesLandscape You can EatSwenson, Alana634
Garden DesignLandscapingLied, Tom712
Garden DesignLandscaping & Gardens for Historic BuildingsFavretti, Rudy712
Garden DesignLandscaping BookSunset712
Ecology & EnvironmentLandscaping for Water ConservationShelton, Theodore & Hamilton, Bruce581.5
Garden DesignLandscaping IndoorsBrooklyn Botanic Garden712
Container GardeningLandscaping with Container PlantsWilson, Jim635.963
HerbsLandscaping with HerbsAdams, James635.7
WildflowersLandscaping with Native Plants in the Middle Atlantic RegionduPont, Elizabeth, N.586
Garden DesignLandscaping Your HomeNelson, William R.712
Garden DesignLandscaping Your Own HomeDustan, Alice712
Garden DesignLandscaping, How to Improve Your HomeBaer, Barbara712
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PerennialsLate Perennials, Volume 11Phillips, Roger & Rix, Martyn635.933
LawnsLawns and Ground CoversTime-Life Inc.635.969
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Flower ArrangingLeafing Through FlowersOst, Daniel745.92
Botanical IllustrationLearn the Trees From Leaf PrintsMarx, David704.94
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HerbsLeaves From Gerard's HerbalWoodward, Marcus635.7
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Biographical / HistoricalLes Botanistes Francais en Amerique du Nord Quant 1850 LXIIICentre National de la Recherche Scientifique925
ForestsLessons from the Ancient Forest (Earth Wisdom & Political AcGold, Lou634.9
JuvenileLet's Find It!Arnold, KatyaJ581.5
GardensLexigrowLangston, J.635
Garden DesignLexigrowLangston, Jack Miles712
JuvenileLife & Times of the PeanutMicucci, CharlesJ 635.2
CactiLife on a Giant CactusLauber, Patricia635.95
JuvenileLife on a Giant CactusLauber, PatriciaJ 635.95
Natural HistoryLife on EarthAttenborough, David500.9
Pools, Foundations, Garden OrnLighting FixturesLynch, Kenneth714
LilacsLilac CultureWister, John C.583.7
LilacsLilacsFiala, Fr. John L.583.7
LiliesLiliesMatthews, Victoria635.9345
LiliesLilies in their homesMaxwell, Alice635.9345
LiliesLilies of the WorldWoodcock, H.D.635.9345
LiliesLilies: Their Culture & ManagementWoodcock, H.D. & Coutts, J.635.9345
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HerbsLiving with HerbsGardner, Jo Ann635.7
Ecology & EnvironmentLiving with Your LandVosburgh, John581.5
Garden Design - Landscape HistLong Island Landscapes and the Women who designed themZaitzevsky, Cynthia712.09
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Shade GardeningMade in the ShadeBenner, David635.966
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HerbsMagic & Medicine of PlantsDobelis, Inge635.7
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IrisMagic of IrisesLawton, Barbara P.635.9344
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Juvenile FictionMaking A FriendMcGhee, AlisonJ-FIC
Fruit TreesMaking an orchard for home fruit growersHughes, Cledwin634
Indoor GardeningMaking Things GrowCruso, Thalassa635.961
Garden Structures - Patio, TerMaking Twig Furniture & Household ThingsRuoff, Abby717
BonsaiMan Lung Artistic Pot PlantsWu, Yee-Sun635.984
Rock GardensManual of Alpine PlantsIngwersen, Will635.967
ConifersManual of Cultivated ConifersKrussman, Gerd583.2
ConifersManual of Cultivated ConifersDenOuden, P. & Boom, Dr. B.K.583.2
TreesManual of Cultivated Trees & ShrubsRehder, Alfred583
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Botanical References - ManualsManual of the Grasses of the USHitchkock, A.S.582
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GardensMary Anne's GardenMcLean, Mary Anne635.02
Natural HistoryMassachusetts BeautifulNutting, Wallace500.9
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WildflowersMeadows and Meadow GardeningNew England Wildflower Society586
Lichens, Fungi, AlgaeMedicinal MushroomsHobb, Christopher L.589
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GardensMid-Atlantic Gardener's GuideViette, Andre & Mark635
DaffodilsMiniature DaffodilsGray, Alec635.9341
Flower ArrangingMiniature Flower Arrangements & PlantingsWilson, Lois745.92
Rock GardensMiniature GardennsCarl, Joachim635.967
GardensMiniature GardensBrooklyn Botanic Garden635
Rock GardensMiniature GardensCarl, Joachim635.967
Indoor GardeningMiniature Plants for Home & GreenhouseMcDonald, Elvin635.961
RosesMiniature Rose Book: for Indoor and Outdoor CulturePinney, Margaret E.583.8
Crafts, Garden-RelatedMiniature Trees & LandscapesYoshimura, Yuji685.984
BonsaiMiniature Trees & LandscapesYoshimura, Y.635.984
BonsaiMiniature Trees PottedSunset Editors635.984
Juvenile FictionMiss RumphiusCooney, BarbaraJ-FIC
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GardensMuch Ado About GardeningGraves, Polly635
Lichens, Fungi, AlgaeMushroom Trail GuideGlick, Phyllis589
Lichens, Fungi, AlgaeMushrooms & Other FungiDermek, Aurel589
Lichens, Fungi, AlgaeMushrooms of the WorldVon Frieden, Lucius589
Lichens, Fungi, AlgaeMushrooms, Molds & MiraclesKavaler, Lucy589
Lichens, Fungi, AlgaeMushrooms, Moulds & MiraclesKavaler, Lucy589
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GardensMy Garden in SpringBowles, E. A.635
Lichens, Fungi, AlgaeMycelium Running; How Mushrooms Can Help Save the WorldStamets, Paul589
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noneNative American GardeningCaduto, Michael J.398.24
JuvenileNative American GardeningCaduto, MichaelJ 398.24
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TreesNative Trees, Shrubs and VinesCullins, William583.1
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Pests & DiseasesNatural Disease ControlBrooklyn Botanic Garden632
HerbsNatural Dyes and Home DyeingAdrosko, Rita J.635.7
Crafts, Garden-RelatedNatural Dyes and Home DyeingAdrosko, Rita650
Crafts, Garden-RelatedNatural Dyes, Plants & ProcessesKramer, Jack650
Ecology & EnvironmentNatural Fashion; Tribal Decoration from AfricaSilvester, Hans581.5
HerbsNatural FragrancesDuff, Gail635.7
TreesNatural History of Western TreesPeattie, Donald Culross583.1
InsectsNatural Insect ControlBrooklyn Botanic Garden595.7
Pests & DiseasesNatural Insect ControlBrooklyn Botanic Garden632
Crafts, Garden-RelatedNatural Plant DyeingBrooklyn Botanic Garden650
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Natural HistoryNature NotesKieran, John500.9
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GardensNature's Own GardensClarke, Maud U.635
JuvenileNature's Weather ForecastersSattler, Helen R.J599
JuvenileNature's Weather ForecastersSattler, Helen R.J 500
Botanical References - ManualsNew Britton & Brown Illustrated Flora of the Northeastern USGleason, Henry, A.582
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Natural HistoryNew Englands RaritiesJosselyn, J.500.9
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Biographical / HistoricalNew Jersey Agriculture: Historical FactsHoagland, Lewis P. joint author925
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GardensNortheast GardeningMcDonald, Elvin635
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noneOld Plant ManuscriptsStrabo, Walahfrid090
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GardensOpen days directory; the 2010 guide to visiting America's gaGarden Conservancy635
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OrchidsOrchidsBrooklyn Botanic Garden635.9613
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Vegetable GardeningOrganically Grown FoodsRodale635.1
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Grasses, OrnamentalOrnamental GrassesLoewer, Peter633
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TreesOur TreesEmerson, Arthur J.583.1
TreesOur Trees: How to Know ThemWeed, Clarence M.583.1
Garden DesignOutdoor LightingSchuler, Stanley712
Garden Structures - Patio, TerOutdoor LightingSchuler, Stanley717
Garden DesignOutdoor Lighting for Your HomeSchuler, Stanley712
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Horticultural TherapyPart of Your General Public is DisabledMajewski, Jan950
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Pests & DiseasesPests and DiseasesJohnson, Warren and Lyon, Howard632
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Crafts, Garden-RelatedPhotographing Your FlowersRoche, John F,650
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HistologyPlant Physiology; A Textbook for Colleges & UniversitiesMeyer, Bernard581.8
JuvenilePlant Projects for Young ScientistsTocci, SalvatoreJ581
JuvenilePlant Projects for Young ScientistsTocci, SalvatoreJ581
PropagationPlant PropagationOplt, J.635.981
PropagationPlant Propagation in PicturesFree, Montague635.981
PropagationPlant Propagation PracticesWells, James635.981
PropagationPlant Propagation Principles & PracticeHartmen, Hudson T. & Kester, Dale E.635.981
Pruning / ShapingPlant Pruning in PicturesFree, Montague635.983
PropagationPlant Pruning in PicturesFree, Montague635.981
Juvenile FictionPlant SecretsGoodman, EmityJ FIC
Biographical / HistoricalPlant WizardMurray, Marian925
Ecology & EnvironmentPlanthropology; the myths, mysteries & miracles of my gardenDruse, Ken581.5
TreesPlanting & Care of Urban TreesN.J. Forestry Services583.1
TreesPlanting & Care Urban TreesNJ Forestry Services583.1
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Garden DesignPlanting Design: A Manual of Theory and PracticeNelson, William R.712
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GardensPlants & Gardens Brooklyn Botanic Garden635
GardensPlants & Gardens (Miniature Gardens)Brooklyn Botanic Garden635
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GardensPlants are Like PeopleBaker, Jerry635
JuvenilePlants Bite BackPlatt, RichardJ 635
Encyclopedias & DictionariesPlants for GardensSeymour, E.L.D.030.635
Greenhouse GardeningPlants for Greenhouse CultureChabot, Ernest635.964
GardensPlants for Problem PlacesBrooklyn Botanic Garden635
WildflowersPlants for WildgardensVick's Wildgardens586
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Burbank, LutherPlants in the Development of Modern MedicineSwain, Tony581.1
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Plant GeographyPlants of Colonial WilliamsburgDutton, Joan Parry581.9
Botanical References - ManualsPlants of Hawaii National ParkDegener, Otto582
nonePlants of the BibleMoldenke, Harold N. and Alma L398.24
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JuvenilePlants that Feed UsFenton & KitchenJ581
GardensPlants That Feed UsHvass, Else635
TreesPlants That Merit AttentionPoor, Janet M.583.1
ShrubsPlants That Merit Attention-ShrubsPoor, Janet M.583.3
Lichens, Fungi, AlgaePlants that Never Ever BloomHeller, Ruth589
JuvenilePlants That Never Ever BloomHeller, RuthJ 589
BotanyPlants-A Textbook of BotanyCoulter, John M.581
GardensPlants-Cultivated-Wyman's Gardening EncyclopediaWyman's Gardening Encyclopedia635
BotanyPlants: What They Are & What They DoSeward, A.C.581
DeerPlease Don't Eat My GardenMcCord, Nancy639.9
Rock GardensPleasures & Problems of the Rock GardenWilder, Louise635.967
Poisonous PlantsPoisonous Plants of the USMuenscher, Walter590
Poisonous PlantsPoisonous Plants of US & CanadaKingsbury, John590
Biographical / HistoricalPomona's HarvestJanson, H. Frederic925
Pools, Foundations, Garden OrnPond & Water GardensHeritage, Bill714
JuvenilePond - One Small SquareSilver, Donald M.J581.5
Ecology & EnvironmentPond One Small SquareSilver, Donald M.581.5
Pools, Foundations, Garden OrnPool and Waterside GardeningRobinson, Peter714
Garden DesignPoolscapingErler, Catriona Tudor712
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Annuals, Perennials, BiennialsPopular Garden FlowersWright, Walter P.635.9
Poisonous PlantsPotions, Portions, PoisonsCutts, Gretchen S.590
Garden Design - Landscape HistPotted History: the Story of Plants in the HomeHorwood, Catherine712.09
DeerPres. To Deer Subcommittee of Union County Park SystemMcAninch, Jay639.9
Flower ArrangingPressed Flower PicturesMcDowall, Pamela745.92
Crafts, Garden-RelatedPressed Flower PicturesMcDowell, P.650
Garden Design - Landscape HistPrinciples & Practices of GradingUntermann, Richard K.712.09
nonePrinted Books 1481-1900Hall, Elizabeth Cornelia090
Botanical IllustrationPrintmaking in the Service of BotanyBridson, Gavin704.94
Botanical IllustrationPrints and Plants of Old GardensBoggs, Kate Dogett704.94
World Gardens World PlantsPrivate Gardens of EnglandHobhouse, Penelope912.1
World Gardens World PlantsPrivate Gardens of ScotlandTruscott, James912.1
World Gardens World PlantsPrivate NewportPardee, Bettie Bearden912.1
JuvenileProject SeasonsParella, DeborahJ 635
Indoor GardeningPropagating House PlantsNehrling, Arno635.961
PropagationPropagationDirr, Michael A. & Heuser, Chas. W. Jr.635.981
PropagationPropagation- Create New Flowers and PlantsJames, John635.981
PropagationPropagation-Sowing a Better GardenKelly, John635.981
PropagationPropagation-The New Seed Starter's HandbookBubel, Nancy635.981
Rock GardensPropogation of Alpine PlantsHulme, J.K.635.967
Pruning / ShapingPruningSquire, David635.983
Pruning / ShapingPruning HandbookHudson, Roy L.635.983
Pruning / ShapingPruning HandbookSunset635.983
Pruning / ShapingPruning ManualSteffek, Edwin F.635.983
Pruning / ShapingPruning of Trees, Shrubs & ConifersBrown, George E.635.983
Pruning / ShapingPruning TechniquesBrooklyn Botanic Garden635.983
Pruning / ShapingPruning Trees, Shrubs & VinesBrooklyn Botanic Garden635.983
Pruning / ShapingPruning your Own Shrubs & Small TreesUniversity of Idaho (Video)635.985
Pruning / ShapingPruning: a Practical guideMcHoy, Peter635.983
Flower ArrangingPulbrook & Gould Book of Flower ArrangementHawkes, Frances A.745.92
PerennialsPulmonarias and the Borage FamilyBennett, Masha635.933
TreesPulmonarias and the Borage FamilyBennett, Masha583
GardensPut Color, Form and Excitement in Your GardenAtkinson, Robert E.635
Pruning / ShapingQuick and Easy Topiary and Green SculptureHendy, Jenny635.983
JuvenileRain ForestTaylor, BarbaraJ 581.5
Juvenile FictionRainy MorningPinkwater, DanielJ-FIC
WildflowersRanger's Guide to Useful Plants of Eastern WildDeganawidal586
Botanical References - ManualsRare or endangered vascular plants of NJFairbrothers, David E. & Mary Y. Hough582
Ecology & EnvironmentReading the Landscape: An Adventure in EcologyWatts, May Thielgaard581.5
GardensRecycle with EarthwormsGrossman, Shelly & Weitzel, Melissa635
Juvenile FictionRed Leaf, Yellow LeafEhlert, LoisJ-FIC
PropagationReference Manual of Woody Plants PropagationDirr, Michael A. & Heuser, Chas. W. Jr.635.981
Garden MethodsRejuvenating a GardenAnderton, Stephen635.98
TreesRemarkable Trees of the WorldPakenham, Thomas583
RhododendronsRhododendron HybridsSalley, Homer & Greer, Harold583.4
RhododendronsRhododendron PortraitsVan Gelderen, D.M.583.4
RhododendronsRhododendronsKingdon-ward, F583.4
RhododendronsRhododendrons & AzaleasBowers, Clement583.4
RhododendronsRhododendrons and AzaleasEdinger, Philip583.4
RhododendronsRhododendrons in AmericaVan Veen, Ted583.4
RhododendronsRhododendrons of ChinaAmerican Rhododendron Society583.4
RhododendronsRhododendrons of the World & How to Grow ThemLeach, David G.583.4
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Rock GardensRock Garden and Alpine PlantsCorrevon, Henry635.967
Rock GardensRock Garden PlantsMineo, Baldassare635.967
Annuals, Perennials, BiennialsRock Garden Plants; a color encyclopediaMineo, Baldassare635.9
Rock GardensRock GardeningLincoln, Foster H.635.967
Rock GardensRock GardeningFoster, H. Lincoln635.967
Rock GardensRock Gardening for AmateursThomas, H.H.635.967
Rock GardensRock GardensSunset Editors635.967
Rock GardensRock GardensSchenk, George635.967
Rock GardensRock Gardens: How to Plan & Plant ThemEdwards, A.635.967
Rock GardensRock PlantsDavids, Arlette635.967
Rock GardensRockeries: How to Make and Plant ThemThomas, H.H.635.967
Rock GardensRocky Mountain AlpinesAmerican rock Garden Soc. &Denver Botanic Garden635.967
Biographical / HistoricalRocky Mountain NaturalistsEwan, Joseph925
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Flower ArrangingSelected Arrangements of Moribana and HeikwaKumacae, Voshikazu & Mitshuhara Hashizume745.92
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noneShakespeare's FlowersKerr, Jessica398.24
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Garden DesignSmall Gardens are More FunTarantino, R.712
Garden DesignSmall Period GardensStrong, Roy712
Botanical IllustrationSmall Urban SpacesSeymour, Whitney North, Jr.711
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CactiSucculents and CactusSunset635.95
CactiSucculents other than CactiVanLaren, A.J.635.94
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JuvenileTake a Walk With Butterflies & DragonfliesKirkland, JaneJ 595.78
ButterfliesTake a Walk With Butterflies & DragonfliesKirkland, Jane595.78
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Flower ArrangingThe Art of FlowersBuffet-Challie, laurence745.92
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Pruning / ShapingThe Art of Shaping Shrubs, Trees and Other PlantsIshimoto, T.635.983
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GardensThe Color Garden (Red)McDonald, Elvin635
GardensThe Color Garden (White)McDonald, Elvin635
GardensThe Color Garden (Yellow)McDonald, Elvin635
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Ground CoversThe Complete Book of Ground CoversAtkinson, Robert635.968
Indoor GardeningThe Complete Book of House Plants Under LightsFitch, Chas.635.961
Indoor GardeningThe Complete Book of HouseplantsFitch, Chas.635.961
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BulbsThe Complete Guide to BulbsSynge, Patrick635.934
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World Gardens World PlantsThe Complete Guide to North American Gardens; vol. 2Mulligan, William C.912.1
Pruning / ShapingThe Complete Guide to Pruning and Training PlantsJoyce, David635.983
GardensThe Complete Kitchen GardenBowe, Patrick635
GardensThe Complete Kitchen Garden635
Biographical / HistoricalThe Complete naturalist: A Life of LinnaeusBlunt, Wilfrid925
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GardensThe Country GardenBrooks, John635
GardensThe Country GardenNuese, Josephine635
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Natural HistoryThe DesertLeopold, A. Starker500.9
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InsectsThe Earth Moved: on the remarkable achievements of earthwormStewart, Amy595.7
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Encyclopedias & DictionariesThe Ency. Of Judging & ExhibitingHamel, Ester V.030.635
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Indoor GardeningThe Essential Guide to Perfect HouseplantsSeddon, George635.961
Annuals, Perennials, BiennialsThe Explorer's GardenHinkley, Daniel J.635.9
Indoor GardeningThe Facts of Light About Indoor GardeningOrtho 635.961
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TreesThe First Book of TreesCormack, M.B.583.1
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Flower ArrangingThe Flower World of WilliamsburgDutton, Joan P.745.92
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VegetablesThe Food-Lover's GardenPellegrini, Angelo M.635.2
ForestsThe ForestFard, Peter634.9
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TreesThe Forest Trees of OntarioWhite, J.H.583.1
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HerbsThe Fragrant YearsBell, Leonie&Wilson, Helen vanPelt635.7
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HerbsThe Friends of John GerardJeffers, Rob635.7
Biographical / HistoricalThe GardenBerrall, Julia S.925
BulbsThe Garden Bulbs of SpringReynolds, Marc635.934
GardensThe Garden CalendarMatschat, Cecile Hulse635
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Encyclopedias & DictionariesThe Garden EncyclopediaSeymour, E.L.D.030.635
GardensThe Garden in WinterVerey, Rosemary635
GardensThe Garden Month by MonthSedgewick, Mabel635
GardensThe Garden of BellflowersBailey, L.H.635
CarnationsThe Garden of PinksBailey, L.H.635.912
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Garden DesignThe Garden RebornWeinberg, Ruby712
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Garden Structures - Patio, TerThe Garden WallHarrod, Julie717
Ecology of the GardenThe Garden's Guide to Better SoilLogsdon, Gene631.4
Juvenile FictionThe GardenerStewart, SarahJ-FIC
GardensThe Gardener's Bed-BookWright, Richardson635
GardensThe Gardener's CatalogueRottenberg, Harvey635
FernsThe Gardener's Fern BookFoster, Gordon F.587
GardensThe Gardener's GardenHarpur, Jerry635
Geraniums & PerargoniumsThe Gardener's Guide to Growing Hardy GeraniumsBath, Trevor and Jones, Joy635.914
GardensThe Gardener's How BookSherlock, Chelsa635
noneThe Gardener's LabyrinthClarkson, Rosetta E.090
Annuals, Perennials, BiennialsThe Gardener's PaletteEddison, Sydney635.9
World Gardens World PlantsThe Gardener's Travel BookFarrington, Edward I.912.1
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GardensThe Gardening BookHellyer, A.G.635
VegetablesThe Gardens For All Book of Cauliflower, Broccoli & CabbageRaymond, D. & J.635.2
VegetablesThe Gardens for All Book of Cucumber, Melon & SquashRaymond, D. & J.635.2
VegetablesThe Gardens For All Book of Eggplant, Okra & PeppersRaymond, D. & J.635.2
VegetablesThe Gardens for All The Book of PotatoesRaymond, D. & J.635.2
World Gardens World PlantsThe Gardens in the Royal Park at WindsorRoper, Lanning912.1
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Garden Design - Landscape HistThe Gardens of ChinaMorris, Edwin T.712.0951
Garden DesignThe Gardens of Ellen Biddle ShipmanTankard, Judith B.712
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Birds in the GardenThe Gathering of Shore BirdsHall, Henry598.2
OrchidsThe Genus CypripediumCribb, Phillip635.9613
PerennialsThe Genus EpimediumStearn, William T.635.933
IrisThe Genus IrisDykes, William Rickatson635.9344
Plant GeographyThe Geography of the Flowering PlantsGood, Ronald581.9
JuvenileThe Gift of the TreeTresselt, AlvinJ 583.1
World Gardens World PlantsThe Glory of the English GardenKeen, Mary912.1
GraftingThe Grafter's HandbookGarner, R.J.635.982
Pruning / ShapingThe Grafter's HandbookGarner, R.J.635.983
RosesThe Graham Stuart Thomas Rose BookThomas, Graham Stuart583.8
ForestsThe Great American ForestPlatt, Rutherford634.9
Plant ExplorationsThe Great Naturalists Explore So. AmericaCutright, Paul Russell508.3
JuvenileThe Great Potato BookHughes, Meredith S. & E. ThomasJ 635.2
Garden Design - Landscape HistThe Greater PerfectionCabot, Francis H.712.09
HerbsThe Greek Herbal of DioscoridesGunther, Robert T.635.7
BotanyThe Green Earth: An Invitation to Botany CrossRickett, H.W.581
noneThe Green Man in NYCDerman, Asher398.24
GardensThe Green Thumb DirectorySchroeder, Marion635
Natural HistoryThe Green World of the NaturalistsvonHagen, Victor Wolfgang500.9
RosesThe Guide to RosesPark, Bertram583.8
Birds in the GardenThe Hawks of North America; their field identification and fMay, John Richard598.2
PerennialsThe Hemerocallis HandbookHansell, Dorothy E. ed635.933
HerbsThe HerbalistMeyer, Joseph E.635.7
HerbsThe Herball or General Historie of PlantesWoodward, Marcus635.7
HerbsThe Herball or Generall Historie of PlantesGerard, John635.7
TreesThe Hillier Gardener's Guide to Trees & ShrubsReader's Digest583
Garden Design - Landscape HistThe History of GardensThacker, Christopher712.09
TreesThe Home Book of Trees and ShrubsLevinson, J.J.583
BulbsThe Home Gardener's Guide to Bulb FlowersVance, Ronald635.934
TreesThe Home Owner's Tree BookMartin, John Stuart583.1
InsectsThe Honey Files-A Bees Life VIDEONational Honey Board595.7
PerennialsThe Hosta BookAden, Paul635.933
Ecology & EnvironmentThe House on Nauset MarshRichardson, Wyman581.5
Encyclopedias & Dictionariesthe Illustrated Dictionary of Gardening, Vols. 1-4Nicholson, George030.635
TreesThe Illustrated Encyclopedia of TreesWhite, John583.1
TreesThe Illustrated Encyclopedia of TreesWhite, John583
Encyclopedias & DictionariesThe Illustrated Encyclopedia of TreesWhite, John030.635
TreesThe Important Timber Trees of the USElliott, Simon B.583.1
Indoor GardeningThe Indoor Light Gardening BookElbert, George A.635.961
BulbsThe Indoor Potted BulbProctor, Rob635.934
InsectsThe Insect BookHoward, Leland O.595.7
InsectsThe Insect GuideSwain, Ralph b.595.7
BonsaiThe International Bonsai and Suisek Exibition 1980Nippon Bonsai Association635.984
TreesThe International Book of TreesJohnson, Hugh583.1
World Gardens World PlantsThe Italian GardenHunt, John Dixon912.1
IviesThe Ivy BookHibberd, Shirley635.9681
IviesThe Ivy BookPierot, Suzanne635.9681
IrisThe Japanese IrisMcEwan, Currier635.9344
Plant ExplorationsThe Journeys & Plant Introductions of George Forrest V.M.H.Cowan, J.M.508.3
Flower ArrangingThe Joy of Flower ArrangingWilson, Helen745.92
Geraniums & PerargoniumsThe Joy of GeraniumsWilson, Helen635.914
ShrubsThe Lagerstroemia Handbook/ChecklistCrepe, Myrtle583.3
ShrubsThe Lagerstroemia Handbook/ChecklistEgolf, Donald R. & Andrick, Anne O.583.3
noneThe Language of FlowersPickston, Margaret398.24
Encyclopedias & DictionariesThe Language of Gardening: An Informal DictionaryHull, George F.030.635
BulbsThe Larger BulbsMathew, Brian635.934
Natural HistoryThe Last ParadiseHandrick, Helmut500.9
Garden Structures - Patio, TerThe Lattice GardenerMulligan, William c.717
ShrubsThe Laurel BookJaynes, Richard583.3
Biographical / HistoricalThe Life of Peter CollinsonBrett-James, Norman G925
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Encyclopedias & DictionariesThe New York Botanical Garden Illustrated Ency. Of HorticultEverett, Thomas H.030.635
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JuvenileThe Tiny SeedCarle, EricJ635
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JuvenileWhere Do They GoSelsam, Millicent f.J 595.7
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JuvenileWho Is In The Garden?Rosenberry, VeraJ 635
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JuvenileWho Was Johnny Appleseed?Holub, JoanJ 925
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TreesWhy do Leaves Change Color?Maestro, Betsy583.1
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DeerWildlife ForumKatz, Dr. Larry639.9
DeerWildlife ForumRutberg, Dr. Allen639.9
DeerWildlife Forum Deer Reduc Prog (2tapes)Bernier, Dan639.9
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