Contributed Picture

RedBarnatFrelinghuysen-m.jpgThis pretty picture of the barn at the Arboretum was taken by Tom McCann and sent in to share with us all.

Beautiful Summer Activities at the Arboretum

With fine summer weather finally gracing New Jersey, the Arboretum is clothed in rich, lush colors. We are sponsoring many activities, including a whole series of programs entitled, "Focus on Scotland" (click to see fliers).

Want to get to know the Arboretum better? Join us for Free Garden Tours every Saturday and Sunday at 2 pm. Meet at the Haggerty Center for a nice walk around led by a knowledgeable guide.


Date Correction: Friends / Dig-It Tour

Friends don't let Friends drive down to the shore on the wrong date!

The date for the upcoming garden tours down at the shore was listed incorrectly in the recent Summer issue of Arboretum Leaves and here on the website.

It should be Wednesday, August 5, not Tuesday August 4 as listed.

Please be aware that there is no bus going to these gardens, you must drive yourself. We do encourage carpooling. Please check out all the details on our Events page.


Hundreds of Plants in Bloom

Our volunteer, Phil Dahlen, writes, "The gardens are looking great, [thanks to] all the rain and now sunshine and warmth and last but not least some of the deer have been evicted thanks to the fence."

Thanks to Phil's efforts, the What's in Bloom list was updated yesterday. Don't let a few raindrops keep you from seeing the Frelinghuysen Arboretum in all its June glory.


Virtual Gardener Focuses on Scotland

Our Virtual Gardener column focuses on internet sites for Scottish Gardens this month. Tour with here these wonderful places and start to understand the central role of gardens to the Scots.

Gazebo in Spring

Gazebo in SpringFriends website viewer, Tim McCann, was kind enough to send a couple of pictures of one of his favorite spots at the Arboretum. Click on the thumbnail to see them both.

Arboretum Leaves in Mail

The Summer issue of the Arboretum Leaves is done and on its way to all our members. It's chock full of information about this summer's programs (which are also posted to our website's Events page).

By the way, if you are a member and would like to receive the Leaves electronically via email (as an easy-to-open pdf), then email Ann Abrams with "Paperless Arboretum Leaves" in the subject line.


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