Plant Sale 2014

Native Plants for our Gardens

Container Gardening, Some Good Ideas

Container gardening is so rewarding. The small scale, provided you don’t go crazy with the number of containers, is manageable. And experimentation is easier since you don’t have to dig holes. Transplanting is easier when you change your mind about a plant’s position.


Plant Sale Sneak Preview

Mark your calendars for Saturday, April 14 at 10:00am at the Arboretum’s Haggerty Education Center for a sneak peak at some of the great plant selections found at the Friends 2012 Plant Sale. Sue Acheson and Ilona Ontscherenki, plant sale co-chairs, have selected their personal favorites, the hottest new plants as well as some plants that should reside in every garden no matter how grand or small.

This is a chance to get the scoop on some of this year’s most sought after plants. You will get to see pictures of many of our best choices and get some cultural information as well.


Looking at Your Garden With New Eyes

Time to replace, refresh, renew and replant our gardens after a year of extremes that seems to have changed everyone's landscape in some way. Many gardens were either heavily damaged or destroyed due to Hurricane Irene or the Halloween snowstorm or trees and shrubs have outgrown their space or outlived their usefulness. A garden is never static and sometimes we need to look at our gardens with new eyes. Perhaps the ravages of Mother Nature can be turned into a new adventure for the gardener.


"Scentsational" Plantings


Gardens are for pleasure. Designed to please you, the gardener. To delight with color. To entice with fragrance. To soothe the mind and refresh the spirit. A place to sit, to linger and to indulge the senses. A private space as well as a public place. It beckons you in, enfolds you and releases you refreshed, back to everyday living. Your garden is a sanctuary and a playground. It is not just an extension of the house but an extension of you.


Last Year's Plant Sale Was Great!

Mother Nature cooperated, the plants were terrific and everyone working on the 2011 Plant Sale were wonderful. Click on the image on the left to see pictures from the Friday night Preview Party and Sale.

We hope to see all of you at this year's sale.


On-Line Plantlist

Preparations for ordering have started, and our first efforts can be seen on this year's list. Hundreds of plants were ordered for last year's plantsale -- annuals, biennials, perennials, trees, shrubs, herbs and vines and this year's should be even better! Check them out any time by going to our online plant list. We update it regularly, so you'll want to check it often. Be prepared for the best Friends of the Frelinghuysen Arboretum Plantsale!


What can a gardener do during this very snowy winter but dream


Join us for an entry from this time last year....

What can a gardener do during this very snowy winter but dream? Dream of the latest offerings in the catalogs, that one area in the garden that needs tweaking, how to turn the patio or balcony into a tropical jungle. I long for the blossoms of hellebores hidden under the snow, the cheery flowers of witch hazels against the pure white snow, the first snowdrops. I dream of flowers and fragrance, birds and butterflies. The Friends Plant Sale Committee is doing more than dreaming, we are busy researching and ordering the newest stars in the plant world -- trees and shrubs with multiple season interest, perennials bold and new as well as tried and true, annuals and tropicals in every shade and hue and herbs for your culinary enjoyment.