Events Pages Rewrite - 5/16/12

After long procrastination, I finally moved events fully inside drupal:

1) created new content type, Event, with appropriate fields including new Status field and fields for images.

2) added module Feeds to allow import of many events

3) downloaded all 2012 events from phpmyadmin oEvents table to csv file.

4) after some experimentation, was able to import all to new content type.

5) in views created new view, v_event as table. Included all the appropriate fields, and logic for Expires.

 - added anchor tags using $Nid

6) figured out how to have unique templates for:

 - overall view (layout, css, logic for displaying images, Filled, Cancelled, Buttons); Use Information button at bottom of views design page to show templates in use plus suggested names for unique templates.

 - individual fields (this was very tricky -- seems like views insisted on outputing inside html tags; did I miss the "Suppress HTML" button in Views?).

Lots of fiddling with css to get under control.

Then duplicated the view for the eventsDev view (shows $Nid at end of title).

Old Events page which drew from oEvents eliminated.

Old SiteDev | Events All page renamed Events All OLD