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Announcements as of April 15, 2020



All Morris County parks, including the Frelinghuysen, Willowwood and Bamboo Brook Arboreta, are closed to the public until further notice. See the current announcement on the Morris County Parks Commission's website.

We will keep you posted as later news becomes available.


The Covid-19 epidemic has caused serious disruptions to all the students and faculty at County College of Morris, so we have decided to postpone awarding a Blackburn Scholarship until next year. Best wishes to all of you and stay healthy.


Butterflies will soon be visiting our gardens and we'll want to make sure they are welcomed with the right kinds of host, food and nectar plants. Butterflies go through basically two kinds of eating stages: caterpillars consuming food plants and adult butterflies consuming flower nectar.

The host plants are the ones butterflies lay their eggs on so that when they hatch, the caterpillars will have a ready source of food, for example, Milkweed where the Monarch female lays her eggs and the hatching caterpillars eat the leaves.

Attracting butterflies to your garden is fairly simple as long as we keep their needs in mind. The best strategy is to plant a large area, with a variety of flowers that bloom over an extended period of time, Spring through Fall.

A combination of perennials and annuals works well because the perennials bloom for shorter periods of time and the annuals bloom for the whole season, filling in the gaps between perennial bloom times.

The following are good flower sources for Spring through Fall:

  • Spring: Rhododendron, Lilac, Allium, Lunaria, Chives, Cherry, Forget-me-Not, Honeysuckle
  • Summer: Ageratum, Heliotrope, Lantana, Scabiosa, Butterfly Bush, Coreopsis, Bee Balm, Phlox, Purple Coneflower, Zinnia
  • Fall: Verbena, Nicotiana, Cosmos, Zinnia, Sedum, Aster, Statice

Butterflies also like some wildflowers such as Dandelion, Clover, Queen Anne's Lace, Yarrow. Some folks think of these as weeds, but if you have an area in your garden that's a little out of the way, the butterflies will appreciate these flowers as well!

Another thing that will attract butterflies to your garden is an area where they can "puddle". Butterflies don't consume water like other creatures do, but a moist area in the soil where evaporating water has released minerals and sodium to the surface will attract certain species of butterfly such as admirals, skippers and swallowtails.

Studies have shown that most of the butterflies that engage in puddling are male, looking for the sodium important during the mating period.

Enjoy these delicate winged beauties as they flutter around your garden and feed on your flowers!

Click on any of the butterflies to see them enlarged on our website's photo gallery.

Free Affiliate Member Programs

Northeast Judging Center of The American Orchid Society

Sat Apr 18, 2020 - 10:00a - CANCELLED

10:00 am - Educational Program

12:00 pm - Orchid Judging

Anyone may bring an orchid to be judged or listen in on the education programs.

The New Jersey Mycological Association

Sun Apr 19, 2020 - 1:30p - CANCELLED

Guest speaker: Christian Schwarz. Topic: Collecting Mushrooms

Christian Schwarz is a mushroom enthusiast, taxonomist and citizen science advocate from Santa Cruz, the land of milk (caps) and honey (mushrooms). He studied at UCSC, and now spends his time photographing, teaching about and making scientific collections of macrofungi. He is co-author of Mushrooms of the Redwood Coast, and is slowly building a mycoflora for Santa Cruz County. He also writes a blog called Notes of a Mycophile.

Great Swamp Bonsai Society

Tue Apr 21, 2020 - CANCELLED

Time of daytime workshop to be announced Workshop (paid) with guest artist Suthin Sukosolvisit, fresh from the Mid-Atlantic Bonsai Societies’ Spring Festival in Hershey, PA.

6:30p - 9:30p Evening presentation with same

Tri-State Hosta Society

Sat Apr 25, 2020, 12:30p - 3:00p - CANCELLED

Annual plant sale.

This is a members only event, but anyone interested in purchasing the latest in hostas can gain admittance by purchasing a one year membership at the door for $10.

Affiliate member programs are all free and open to the public.

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