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The Art of Bonsai Project is an online journal and community for
the examination and exploration of the bonsai art form.
The Knowledge of Bonsai Forums is an on-line forum and community for the
examination and discussion of the cultivation and technical design aspects
of bonsai. It is meant to be a place where information concerning bonsai can
be freely exchanged in a professional and straight forward manner without
the obstacles commonly prevalent in other venues
Joe is not directly affiliated with our club, but his website has lots of useful bonsai information.
Located in New Hope, the studio offers bonsai information, classes, newsletters, tips and techniques, and workshops.
AllShapes is a full-time bonsai nursery located in Flemington, NJ, carrying bonsai, pre-bonsai, starters, pottery, tools, books, and soil.
MidAtlantic Bonsai Society official Link.