Hats Off to Miss Matilda

Every year the Friends sponsors a mother-daughter tea like the ones Miss Matilda Frelinghuysen may have attended as a child. This year's is early in 2010 and is entitled, "Hats off to Miss Matilda." We will post lots more information on the website as the time gets nearer.

Our Marge Hulstrunck, who many of you know from the exciting flower arranging programs at the Arboretum, is in charge of the centerpieces for the tables. She has written, asking for your help:

I have been asked to do centerpieces for the tables in keeping with the theme, and I will transform hats to make them look more Victorian. They should be hats that are wearable vs. hats that they sell at craft stores and only meant for a front door or a bedroom wall. The hats can be made of straw or other woven material and should have a large brim. I would like all the tables to be different, so any color hat is welcome.

I am usually in the office Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays 9-4 p.m. Please give me a call or email me if you have any hats so we can arrange for a way to get them to me by November 15. My direct number is 973-631-5049 and email address is mhulstrunk@morrisparks.net

Marge Hulstrunk,

This is a great program and you can help make this year's even better.