Last Minute Advice

The Plant Sale is only a little more than a week away. I am so excited about all the great plants we have this year. If you are like me your favorite "must have" plant is always the one in front of you, so I thought you might like a few hints to help with the decisions:

  1. Take stock of what you have. A stroll around your garden will let you know what spots need filling. Is there a shady spot that could use some color and texture? Are there new areas of sun where shade has been lost due to recent storms? Do you need to replace or add trees and shrubs? How many containers will you plant up for your patio?
  2. Take a look at our on-line plant list. It will give you much of the information you need to know about size, bloom time, color and shade or sun. Make a list using it as a guide. Some people even print the entire list and bring it with them. It is a BIG LIST.
  3. Trees and shrubs are an investment. They add value to your property and gain in value with each passing year. Remember that when you are assessing price. The $100 tree is equivalent to about 25 cups of Starbucks coffee and the tree will last a lifetime and not raise your bloodpressure. Think curb appeal!
  4. If you want your containers to look good all Summer you need more than one plant in a pot (unless it is a very small pot or a very large plant). You can plant perennials in pots and then transplant them to the garden in the Fall -- a great way to get more bang for your buck. Small trees or shrubs can be grown in large containers for your deck or patio.
  5. Foliage is awesome. Look for plants that have great foliage. Leaves linger long after flowers have faded. Large leaves, tiny leaves, variegated ones, dark hued or chartreuse, good Fall color, bold texture or delicate fronds all make your garden interesting and create a mood.
  6. Talk to our experts. We have knowledgeable plant people available to answer questions, to find a particular plant you might be looking for or to help you make combinations in your garden. They love to talk plants. Look for the folks in the red hats.
  7. Buy something because you love it. Sometimes I buy plants just for their names like Salvia Redneck Girl, or Carex The Beatles or Coleus Shiny Shoes. Buy it because it will make a statement -- I love Colocassia Black Coral for its enormous speckled leaves. Pick a tree to welcome the birth of a child. Plant peonies because you remember being fascinated by the ants crawling on them when you were a child. Buy at least one thing because you have to have it.
  8. Shop early and often (advice from a friend of mine).

I can't wait to see you at the plant sale. This is going to be the best one ever.