Meeting - 4/9/10

Meeting at Haggerty Center, 4/9/10


Susan Cloyd and Jill Lynch of CIE Tours

Lesley Parness of Morris County Park Commission

Sue Acheson, Karen Curry and Ollie Acheson of Friends of the Frelinghuysen Arboretum



  • Jill explained deposits requirements: 100 days prior to trip (early Feb 2011) must have $250 per person + 150 per person for optional trip insurance.
  • The bus capacity is 48 persons.
  • The driver is also a guide.
  • When pricing, she will give 3 prices:
    • 20 - 24 persons
    • 25 - 29 - probably use this as publicity number -- can always
    • 30 - 34 (note that bookings 30+ give 2 fee land accomodations)
  • The prices estimated in early February by Susan Cloyd are only estimates. Until the formal pricing is done, we should think in terms of $3,500 cost, 4,000 sell per person.
  • Meals:
    • all breakfasts will be included
    • lunches - driver picks; individuals pay.
    • dinners - most included.
  • We discussed the desire to add or substitute some private gardens. Sue had tagged several in the book _________.
  • Karen, Sue and Ollie will finalize (1) suggested private gardens; (2) comments on hotels, itinerary by 4/18 so Jill can make contacts and begin pricing process. Need pricing shortly thereafter to support publicity schedule, below.
  • Publicity
    • Mention minimum numbers using 25-29 prices
    • Poster at Plant Sale (Apr 30, May 1)
    • Next Arboretum Leaves newsletter goes to print mid-May - article
    • Info session at Arboretum in September. Susan indicated willingness to make presentation
  • We will use this website to handle planning activities and, ultimately develop publicity for the trip.