Susan Cloyd: Outline itinerary for your trip

From: Cloyd Susan []
Sent: Tuesday, February 02, 2010 4:41 PM
To: Parness, Lesley
Subject: Outline itinerary for your trip

Hi Lesley,

I’ve put together an outline itinerary as promised so that you have something to present to your meeting next week. Of course, there are hundreds of places that we could include but for a 10-day/8-night tour, we need to keep it realistic. I have based this itinerary on the three Royal Botanic Garden’s locations outside Edinburgh – see attached scan.

Until we decide on an itinerary and hotels, it would be impossible to determine a cost for next year but my ballpark figures from our meeting still stand

Land arrangements $2,500 approx.

Airfares $1,000 approx.

Let me know what you think of this and how your presentation goes!

Kind regards (I’ve signed up for Sunday’s Spin Gardening – inspired by my meeting with you!)

<<Arboretum itinerary - Feb 1, 10.doc>> <<Scotland map w gardens.JPG>>

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