Fixed Image-placement logic in Events + SiteDev Events

Found logic wasn't working to put odd / even dates on right / left. Fixed the substr in the two controllong template files.

SiteDev | Events Future

Updated view to build link to underlying event in each title.


Also, fixed menu to point to the right view (was still pointing to the old version).


Add Renew Membership Button to Members Page - 5/16/12

At Lesley's request, I changed the buttons on the Members page to two separate buttons, one for New Membership and the other for Membership Renewals.


"New" and "Renew" will appear in the paypal email.


Events Pages Rewrite - 5/16/12

After long procrastination, I finally moved events fully inside drupal:

1) created new content type, Event, with appropriate fields including new Status field and fields for images.

2) added module Feeds to allow import of many events

3) downloaded all 2012 events from phpmyadmin oEvents table to csv file.

4) after some experimentation, was able to import all to new content type.

5) in views created new view, v_event as table. Included all the appropriate fields, and logic for Expires.

 - added anchor tags using $Nid

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