Patch ga_tokenizer

Noticed that on submitting the Free Registration form the site complained with following message:

Deprecated function: Function split() is deprecated in GA_Parse->ParseCookies() (line 80 of ***/ga_tokenizer/class.gaparse.php).

Turned out that the current version of this module uses the php split() function which is deprecated in favor of explode(). This has been changed in the git version, but not in a stable release. See thread at http://drupal.org/node/1198504 which included a patch file for my version of the module.


Oct. 15, 2012

Made reasonable progress today:

- Got background colors on webdev view fixed, though without understanding why "News" works without modification while "Web-Development" does not. Had to put adjusting css in html-reset.css.
- Moved FOFA colors into D7 css.
- Adjusted font-size, -face , -style for H1 - H6. Displays on /test-elements.


Oct. 14, 2012

It's been a while since I did anything with the upgrade, so I'm trying to add some organization to the project before we leave on cruise next week.

Moved Test-Elements to tool bar. Fixed page.css to add h1.page-title1 / Marck+Script.

Set the major colors in pages.css and page-backgrounds.css. Checked the various site pages and found that the two views (News and Web Development) display differently:
- News gives a list of all tags:
- Web Development does not list tags (preferred), but sets a:link background to white.



I spent time the last few days updating the curio project with the D6 fonts, colors, etc. from the various css files, as well as inventorying the css file in the new D7 installations.

Need to do the same for the template files. Several of the D6 views were extensively customized in templates.


Activity - 9/3/12

Major tasks worked on:

  • Set up Front Page (forgot the front page is set on the current theme setup page). Copied content from existing front page.
  • Added menu elements
  • Copied two news articles, set up view for news and added to menu
  • Copied several recent images subdirectories to fofa7/images
  • Copied existing About pages. Needed extensive rewrite to make better css.


Major Design Elements

In order to ease the process of developing a d7 version of the site, I set up a new project in Curio (FOFA_Webdev.curio - saved in /Volumes/Macintosh HD 2/DropBox/Webdev/) to summarize all the major design elements of the site. This will also capture all the d7 decisions made during the re-development.


First Theme

I took the ww_fndtn theme (a zen sub-theme), duplicated it and put it in sites/all/themes. I changed the .info file to fofa7.info and made the same change internally.

I went to the Appearances page and enabled this as the default theme. Note that this enabled the WW webfonts for h1, etc.

In settings, I selected fixed layout.

I also activated a couple of blocks in the first sidebar which appears on the left.


Added a Bunch of Modules

I put a bunch of modules into sites/all/modules. The modules were those I used in the WW site -- whether these are right or not for here remains to be seen.

I also did some configuration -- time zones, added google analytics and mollom keys.

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