Virtual Gingerbread 2020

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Gingerbread Wonderland for 2021 CANCELLED

As announced in the Fall Arboretum Leaves:



WINNERS ANNOUNCED - See below for details

Well, we may not be able to have a "traditional" Gingerbread Wonderland this year at the Frelinghuysen Arboretum in Morristown....BUT...we are working to bring you a VIRTUAL Gingerbread experience this year....and look forward to seeing you (for real) in 2021

We think you will enjoy your 2020 experience -- our 29th Annual Gingerbread Wonderland, with many gingerbread displays built, photographed, and incorporated into a website display that you can easily access.


Voting is now closed and we are happy to announce the prize winners in each of our categories for the Virtual Gingerbread of 2020:

  • Adult Category - Summer in the She Shed (entry #10348)
  • Family Category - Happy Horsey Holidays! (entry #10347)
  • Children Category - Zomzop's New UFO for Christmas (entry #10319)
  • Scouts Category - Save our Arctic Animal Habitats (entry #10299)
  • Special Needs Category -Impressionism at the Mendham Mudhole (entry #10296)

View these and all the entries on our Viewing page.

Thanks to all who participated and kept this popular tradition alive during the pandemic - We couldn't have done it without you!!! Thanks also to ShopRite, this year's Gingerbread Wonderland sponsor.


FIRST create your edible structure for entry into one of six categories: Adult, Family, Child, School Group, Scout Group and Special Needs. Rules for entries are on the entry form. Details of making a gingerbread creation are in the box at right.

NEXT photograph your beautiful result: 1 selfie with your entry, plus your three best shots, and go to our on-line entry form here.

After you submit your entry, it will be reviewed, screened and accepted in a week or so. We will send you an acknowledgment email. Total entries are limited, so be sure to get it to us as soon as possible.

How will I know if my submission has been received? You will be taken to a confirming page on our website when you save your entry. Then, you will receive a confirming email once your entry has been accepted.


Be a part of this Morris County holiday tradition this year by entering and then visiting the show. Here are all the materials you need to enter your own creation in this year's Gingerbread Wonderland (click on each to open in a separate window):

Photo FAQs

  • What if my photographs won‚Äôt upload? Check your photo size: they cannot exceed 2MB in size each. If uploading from and iPhone or iPad, use change image size to Large to reduce to this limit. Also, you can rotate uploaded images to make them upright.
  • What if I don‚Äôt see the photographs from my submission on your website after December 5, 2020? Any submission that does not meet approval will not be displayed. You will be contacted by prior to this date if there are any questions.
  • Can I submit more than one entry? Only one entry can be submitted per person or group.
  • If your entry is not uploading from your smart phone or tablet, please submit your entry on your laptop or desktop computer.

Gingerbread Cookies

dancing cookie

Send a dozen scrumptious 5" gingerbread cookies to a LOCAL HERO, teacher or friend for $30 (plus shipping).

Order Form Here.

Thanks to This Year's Sponsor


... for all the prizes!


We are pleased to feature prior years’ winning entries the Gingerbread Wonderland. Click the individual links to view: