What's In Bloom

Thanks to the efforts of Mr. Phil Dahlen, a volunteer at the Arboretum, we are able to post regular updates about blooms of interest in the various gardens of the Frelinghuysen Arboretum.

LATEST UPDATE: April 22, 2017.

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Common Name Color Location
Ajuga blue Sylvan Terrace
Ajuga blue Maple Collection
Alyssum lilac, white Vegetable
Andromeda white Four Seasons
Andromeda white Sylvan Terrace
Apple pink Vegetable
Azalea red Container
Azalea pink Rose & Nearby
Azalea red Scherer
Azalea pink Shade
Azalea pink Shade Rock
Barberry white, yellow Park Lot Island - 3
Bleeding Heart white Rose & Nearby
Bleeding Heart pink Shade
Bleeding Heart pink, white Lindner
Bloodroot white Sylvan Terrace
Bugloss blue Rose & Nearby
Candy Tuft white Waterwise
Candy Tuft white Shade Rock
Columbine violet Alpine Rock
Columbine red Sylvan Terrace
Cypress Spurge yellow Waterwise
Cypress Spurge yellow Four Seasons
Daffodil white Front Gate & Drive
Daffodil various colors Sylvan Terrace
Daffodil yellow Park Lot Island - 3
Daffodil yellow Container
Daffodil yellow Cottage Perennial
Daffodil yellow Vegetable
Daffodil yellow/white Detention Basin
Daffodil yellow Waterwise
Daffodil yellow Shade
Daffodil yellow Winter
Daffodil white Shade Rock
Daffodil white, yellow Four Seasons
Daffodil yellow Park Lot Island - 2
Dwarf Rock Cress violet Alpine Rock
Epimedium pink, yellow Rose & Nearby
Epimedium pink, yellow Mansion Front/Side
Epimedium white, yellow Maple Collection
Epimedium yellow Educ. Ctr. Steps
Epimedium pink Winter
Epimedium various colors Shade Rock
Epimedium pink Four Seasons
Epimedium yellow Park Lot Island - 3
Euphorbia white Container
Euphorbia yellow Rose & Nearby
Euphorbia yellow Four Seasons
Flowering Cherry pink, white Front Gate & Drive
Flowering Cherry pink Great Lawn
Flowering Cherry white Rose & Nearby
Flowering Cherry pink Maple Collection
Flowering Cherry pink Educ. Ctr. Steps
Flowering Cherry pink Park Lot Island - 3
Flowering Crabapple pink All American
Flowering Crabapple white Great Lawn
Flowering Crabapple pink Front Gate & Drive
Flowering Crabapple pink, white Park Lot Island - 3
Flowering Dogwood pink, white Great Lawn
Flowering Dogwood white Lindner
Flowering Pear white Park Lot Island - 3
Flowering Quince orange Park Lot Island - 3
Flowering Quince orange Lindner
Flowering Quince orange Maple Collection
Flowering Quince orange Park Lot Island - 1
Foam Flower white Shade
Forget Me Not blue Sylvan Terrace
Forget Me Not blue Blue
Forget Me Not blue Winter
Forget Me Not blue Waterwise
Forsythia yellow Detention Basin
Forsythia yellow Four Seasons
Fothergilla white Fern
Fothergilla white Shade Rock
Fritillary red Shade Rock
Fritillary lilac Waterwise
Geranium pink Fern
Grape Hyacinth blue Park Lot Island - 3
Grape Hyacinth blue Blue
Grape Hyacinth blue Container
Grape Hyacinth blue Crescent
Grape Hyacinth blue Park Lot Island - 1
Grape Hyacinth blue Shade Rock
Hardy Orange white Park Lot Island - 3
Hardy Orange white Lindner
Hardy Orange white Maple Collection
Heath pink Alpine Rock
Hellebore green Park Lot Island - 3
Hellebore pink Educ. Ctr. Steps
Hellebore pink Fern
Hellebore pink Shade
Hellebore various colors Winter
Hellebore pink, yellow Shade Rock
Hellebore pink Maple Collection
Holly white Cottage Perennial
Holly white Educ. Ctr. Steps
Holly white Shade Rock
Hyacinth blue Blue
Hyacinth pink Rose & Nearby
Hyacinth pink Shade Rock
Jacobs Ladder blue Sylvan Terrace
Kerria yellow Rose & Nearby
Leucojum white Park Lot Island - 3
Lilac lilac, white Park Lot Island - 3
Lily yellow Shade Rock
Magnolia yellow Waterwise
Magnolia pink, yellow Front Gate & Drive
Magnolia yellow Park Lot Island - 1
Mahonia yellow Fern
Mahonia yellow Winter
Moss Phlox pink Four Seasons
Nasturium yellow Vegetable
Navelwort white Crescent
Oregano pink Vegetable
Pachysandra white Mansion Front/Side
Pansy blue Blue
Pansy various colors Container
Pansy violet/yellow Vegetable
Pansy violet Detention Basin
Pansy violet Rose & Nearby
Pansy violet New Introductions
Pansy violet Nurserymen's
Pasque Flower violet Alpine Rock
Pasque Flower lilac Waterwise
Pasque Flower violet Four Seasons
Pasque Flower lilac, pink Park Lot Island - 2
Pear white Vegetable
Peony red Four Seasons
Phlox lilac Waterwise
Plumbago blue Shade Rock
Primrose yellow Park Lot Island - 3
Primrose orange, yellow Container
Primrose yellow Lindner
Primrose yellow Shade
Primrose yellow Park Lot Island - 1
Pulmonaria pink Shade Rock
Pulmonaria blue Rose & Nearby
Pulmonaria white Scherer
Pulmonaria blue Sylvan Terrace
Pulmonaria white Shade
Pulmonaria blue Lindner
Pulmonaria pink Four Seasons
Pussy Toes white Rose & Nearby
Ranunculus red, yellow Container
Redbud pink Nurserymen's
Redbud pink Park Lot Island - 3
Redbud pink Scherer
Redbud pink Lindner
Redbud pink Park Lot Island - 2
Rosemary blue Vegetable
Sand Cherry pink Four Seasons
Serviceberry white Sylvan Terrace
Serviceberry white Great Lawn
Serviceberry white Lindner
Serviceberry white Scherer
Squill blue Shade Rock
Squill blue Sylvan Terrace
Squill blue Lindner
Strawberry white Vegetable
Striped Squill bluish-white Rose & Nearby
Thrift pink Alpine Rock
Trillium white Fern
Tulip orange, yellow All American
Tulip various colors Nurserymen's
Tulip red Alpine Rock
Tulip orange, yellow Container
Tulip yellow Cottage Perennial
Tulip various colors Rose & Nearby
Tulip pink, white Detention Basin
Tulip orange, yellow Four Seasons
Tulip pink New Introductions
Tulip red Waterwise
Viburnum white Park Lot Island - 1
Viburnum white Park Lot Island - 3
Viburnum white Sylvan Terrace
Viburnum white Lindner
Viburnum white Rose & Nearby
Viburnum white Fern
Viburnum white Waterwise
Vinca Minor blue Rose & Nearby
Vinca Minor blue Four Seasons
Vinca Minor blue Fern
Violet blue Rose & Nearby
Violet blue, white Sylvan Terrace
Virginia Bluebells blue Park Lot Island - 3
Virginia Bluebells blue Educ. Ctr. Steps
Virginia Bluebells blue, lilac Sylvan Terrace
White Snakeroot white Sylvan Terrace
Winterhazel yellow Park Lot Island - 1
Wood Poppy yellow Four Seasons