What's In Bloom

Thanks to the efforts of Mr. Phil Dahlen, a volunteer at the Arboretum, we are able to post regular updates about blooms of interest in the various gardens of the Frelinghuysen Arboretum.

LATEST UPDATE: June 18, 2017.

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Common Name Color Location
Agastache orange Cottage Perennial
Ageratum blue Container
Ageratum white All American
Allium pink Lindner
Allspice burgundy, white Sylvan Terrace
Allspice red Maple Collection
Allspice red, white Scherer
Allspice white Four Seasons
Alyssum white Container
Alyssum violet, white Vegetable
Amaranth red Cottage Perennial
Amsonia blue Four Seasons
Amsonia blue Crescent
Amsonia blue Park Lot Island - 3
Amsonia blue, white Scherer
Amsonia blue Cottage Perennial
Amsonia blue Lindner
Angelonia white Rose & Nearby
Arugula yellow Vegetable
Astilbe white Crescent
Astilbe white Maple Collection
Astilbe white Rose & Nearby
Begonia orange Rose & Nearby
Bleeding Heart pink Sylvan Terrace
Bleeding Heart pink Rose & Nearby
Boltonia white Crescent
Boltonia white Lindner
Borage blue Scherer
Bromeliad pink Nurserymen's
Bugloss blue Blue
Bugloss blue Crescent
Calendula orange Scherer
Campanula blue Blue
Campanula blue Waterwise
Campanula blue Park Lot Island - 2
Campanula blue Shade Rock
Campanula blue Alpine Rock
Campion white Fern
Campion white Lindner
Catmint blue Four Seasons
Catmint blue Blue
Catmint blue Park Lot Island - 3
Catmint blue Waterwise
Catmint blue Cottage Perennial
Catmint blue Rose & Nearby
Celosia pink Cottage Perennial
Clematis pink Four Seasons
Clematis violet Cottage Perennial
Clematis blue Lindner
Cleome pink Cottage Perennial
Cleome white Rose & Nearby
Columbine orange Sylvan Terrace
Columbine white Waterwise
Columbine pink, red Lindner
Columbine violet Shade Rock
Coneflower yellow Cottage Perennial
Coreopsis yellow Rose & Nearby
Coreopsis yellow Four Seasons
Coreopsis yellow Scherer
Coreopsis yellow Park Lot Island - 2
Coreopsis yellow Lindner
Cornflower violet Park Lot Island - 3
Corydalis yellow Four Seasons
Cress yellow Waterwise
Cucumber yellow Scherer
Dahlia yellow Rose & Nearby
Daisy white Rose & Nearby
Daisy violet Blue
Daisy white Park Lot Island - 3
Daisy white Lindner
Deutzia white Rose & Nearby
Deutzia white Park Lot Island - 3
Deutzia white Park Lot Island - 2
Elderberry white Lindner
Elderberry white Detention Basin
Elderberry white Park Lot Island - 2
Euphorbia white All American
False Indigo yellow Lindner
False Indigo white Four Seasons
False Indigo yellow Cottage Perennial
Flowering Raspberry raspberry Sylvan Terrace
Foam Flower white Sylvan Terrace
Forget Me Not blue Winter
Foxglove white, yellow Lindner
Foxglove yellow Maple Collection
Foxglove yellow Educ. Ctr. Steps
Foxglove yellow Park Lot Island - 1
Foxglove yellow Shade
Foxglove yellow Cottage Perennial
Foxglove yellow Park Lot Island - 2
Fuschia red Container
Gardenia white Rose & Nearby
Gentian blue Alpine Rock
Geranium pink Alpine Rock
Geranium violet Lindner
Geranium white Four Seasons
Geranium pink Rose & Nearby
Geranium blue Blue
Geranium pink Sylvan Terrace
Geranium pink Park Lot Island - 3
Geranium red Container
Geranium pink, violet Cottage Perennial
Goatsbeard white Sylvan Terrace
Goatsbeard white Fern
Gomphrena pink Cottage Perennial
Ground Phlox pink Container
Hawkweed yellow Four Seasons
Heliotrope blue All American
Heuchera pink Shade Rock
Hibiscus red, yellow Container
Honey Suckle Vine pink Four Seasons
Honey Suckle Vine yellow Park Lot Island - 3
Honey Suckle Vine red Scherer
Hosta white Great Lawn
Hydrangea white Winter
Hydrangea white Cottage Perennial
Hydrangea white Lindner
Hydrangea pink Four Seasons
Hydrangea white Crescent
Hydrangea pink, white Fern
Impatience pink Detention Basin
Impatiens pink, white Nurserymen's
Iris violet Rose & Nearby
Itea white Blue
Itea white Four Seasons
Itea white Maple Collection
Itea white Front Gate & Drive
Itea white Educ. Ctr. Steps
Kousa Dogwood white Crescent
Kousa Dogwood white Park Lot Island - 3
Kousa Dogwood white Front Gate & Drive
Kousa Dogwood white Great Lawn
Kousa Dogwood white Shade
Kousa Dogwood white Park Lot Island - 2
Lamb's Ear pink Cottage Perennial
Lamb's Ear pink Lindner
Lamb's Ear pink Park Lot Island - 3
Lavender blue Vegetable
Lavender blue Park Lot Island - 3
Lavender blue Scherer
Leptodermis pink Four Seasons
Lily yellow Rose & Nearby
Lily yellow Front Gate & Drive
Lily yellow Educ. Ctr. Steps
Linum yellow Shade Rock
Magnolia white Park Lot Island - 2
Magnolia white Rose & Nearby
Magnolia white Crescent
Marigold yellow Scherer
Mountain Laurel pink, white Sylvan Terrace
Nasturium orange Cottage Perennial
Nicotiana white Rose & Nearby
Nicotiana red, yellow All American
Oxeye Daisy yellow Shade Rock
Pansy violet Vegetable
Pansy blue Container
Pansy violet Nurserymen's
Peas white Vegetable
Penstemon violet Detention Basin
Phlomis yellow Park Lot Island - 2
Phlomis pink Four Seasons
Phlomis lilac Park Lot Island - 3
Poppy orange Park Lot Island - 2
Poppy orange Waterwise
Poppy Mallow raspberry Park Lot Island - 2
Portulaca various colors Rose & Nearby
Potentilla yellow Alpine Rock
Primrose yellow Four Seasons
Pulmonaria pink Four Seasons
Red Hot Poker yellow Lindner
Red Twig Dogwood white Detention Basin
Rose pink, yellow Cottage Perennial
Rose red Park Lot Island - 2
Rose pink Lindner
Rose pink, red Blue
Rose various colors Rose & Nearby
Rose pink, red Park Lot Island - 3
Rose pink, red Detention Basin
Rose pink Scherer
Rose pink Educ. Ctr. Steps
Rue yellow Shade Rock
Rue yellow Waterwise
Sage lilac Sylvan Terrace
Sage violet Scherer
Sage yellow Waterwise
Saint John's Wort yellow Park Lot Island - 3
Salvia blue Park Lot Island - 2
Salvia blue Maple Collection
Salvia orange Container
Salvia blue Park Lot Island - 3
Salvia pink, white Waterwise
Salvia blue All American
Sedum yellow Waterwise
Shrimp Plant yellow New Introductions
Shrimp Plant yellow Nurserymen's
Snapdragon red Cottage Perennial
Spirea pink Cottage Perennial
Spirea pink Park Lot Island - 2
Spirea pink Four Seasons
Spirea white Park Lot Island - 3
Spirea pink Park Lot Island - 1
Spirea pink Educ. Ctr. Steps
Stewartia white Maple Collection
Sunflower yellow Scherer
Thrift white Shade Rock
Thrift pink Waterwise
Tomato yellow Vegetable
Tradescantia blue Blue
Tradescantia violet Crescent
Tradescantia blue Detention Basin
Valeriana white Crescent
Valeriana white Four Seasons
Valeriana white Fern
Veronica violet Lindner
Veronica blue Blue
Viburnum white Great Lawn
Viburnum white Park Lot Island - 3
Water Lily pink Nurserymen's
Weigela pink Lindner
Weigela red Four Seasons
Weigela red Park Lot Island - 3
Yarrow red, yellow Park Lot Island - 2
Yarrow yellow Lindner
Yarrow red Scherer
Yarrow red Park Lot Island - 3
Zinnia yellow Vegetable
Zinnia pink Scherer