Positions Open

Feb. 2015: Seasonal Gardeners and Horticulture Interns Needed

New Seasonal Gardeners and Horticultural Interns positions have opened at both the Frelinghuysen & Willowwood Arboreta.

Send written applications to Judy Schaible of the Morris County Park Commission. Details about the positions may be seen by clicking on the image at right.


At the Frelinghuysen Arboretum


Jeanne Lardino & Ryan Moore
January 30, 2009

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We’re Jeanne and Ryan, the 2008 Horticulture Interns at the Frelinghuysen Arboretum. You may have seen us, honing our skills with the gardening staff from May to December.

We come from different backgrounds and have slightly different goals. Ryan is a home landscape gardener and college student focusing on landscape design and Jeanne is a home vegetable gardener and graduate of the Master Gardener Program investigating a new career.

Working in the gardens and arboretum has been a great experience. We assisted the staff with three seasons of planting, garden maintenance, and clean-up. We also participated in the renovation of the Lindner Perennial Garden where we helped develop the planting plan, removed old plants, amended the soil, and roto-tilled. We then built a new stone wall, laid out and installed the new plants, and mulched and labeled the bed. We also helped clear brush for the installation of the new deer fence and assisted the Horticulture Volunteers in their many projects. Foreman Frank Strelec directed our daily activities and instructed us in tree planting and pruning. We also helped create a new stone-dust path to the Fern Garden.

As cool spring rains moved to summer heat, we became more comfortable with the layout of the arboretum and our roles. We watered and weeded and watered and mulched and pruned and deadheaded and edged and caged and staked and watered some more. After a slip into the Whippany River and a couple of bouts of poison ivy, we truly felt part of the team. We even instituted our own tradition. We called it “Scent of the Day” where we experimented with different herbs from the gardens for fragrance and use as a natural bug repellants.

We attended field trips to Atlock Farms, Hay Honey Farm, Rutgers Gardens, and the tropical garden at New Bridge. Each provided a unique experience and expanded our horticultural knowledge and resources. We gained insight into the operation of public and private gardens, horticultural therapy gardens, and retail and commercial farms.

During our time here, we were encouraged to explore the gardens weekly to observe the progression of bloom, foliage, and seed. We were also involved in propagating some of next year’s plants from cuttings. We enjoyed access to the library and educational programs offered by the Friends.

We enjoyed our internships and have benefitted by expanding our horticultural knowledge, improving our skills, and refining our career goals. We extend our sincere thanks to the Park Commission, Friends, and staff for making them possible.

If you or someone you know would like to learn more about becoming a horticulture intern, please contact Kate Gutierrez at 973-326-7629 or kgutierrez@morrisparks.net. Internships begin in early spring and continue through late fall and may run for three to eight months. Applicants must possess a keen interest in horticulture and enjoy working outdoors.

The Morris County Park Commission is an equal opportunity employer.