What’s in Bloom

Here are the three latest postings to our Photo Gallery.

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  • At the Arboretum – 10-3-23

    Gorgeous weather, clear blue skies, sunny, a light breeze, temperatures in the low 80s – there’s nothing quite like a beautiful Indian Summer day! The pollinators at the Arboretum were taking advantage of the weather as well and were all over the gardens doing their dance.  A male Monarch Butterfly was flying from flower to flower on the Verbena bonariensis plants; the males can be identified by the dark scent patch along the fifth vein of the hindwing. An unidentified butterfly (perhaps a Painted Lady?) was also visiting the Verbena flower clusters and bees were all over the Caryopteris shrubs. A Nasturtium continues to bloom in the gardens next to Matilda’s cottage, a bright sunny yellow with red veins.

    Picture credits: Margery Ennist.

  • Sunday Saunter – 10-1-23

    Fall’s muted colors are featured in the images from Steve Kanan’s visit to the Arboretum yesterday. Thanks, Steve, for these and we look forward to more beautiful pictures as Fall progresses.

  • At the Arboretum 9/26/23

    Fall has officially arrived, but there is still much color to be found in the autumn gardens at the Arboretum. A Cornus kousa (Kousa Dogwood) is covered with a multitude of ornamental (and edible) globose, reddish, compound berries about the size of a cherry. Numerous patches of lavender Colchicum autumnale (Autumn Crocus) are blooming all over the grounds; in spite of its name, this plant is not in the crocus family, it is deadly poisonous, however. Almost hidden in the beds as you come up the driveway from Hanover Avenue is the fascinating Tricyrtis hirta (Toad Lily), its jewel-like flowers blooming on arching, unbranched stems. Fall is fleeting, so make plans to visit soon!

    Picture credits: Margery Ennist.

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