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Today at the Arboretum – 1/11/23

Chilly and damp for my walk around the grounds today, but still found beauty in the upper parking lot beds. A gorgeous combination of color, texture and size provided by the stiff branches of Picea pungens cv. Glauca Globosa (Blue Colorado Spruce Cultivar), the soft seedheads of Miscanthus sinensis cv. Graziella (Eulalia Grass) and the tall, bronzy needles of Picea orientalis (Oriental Spruce). In the same bed, the large Juniperus virginiana cv. Corcorcor (Emerald Sentinel Juniper) is full of bluish berries. Last, but not least, a large, rounded Chamaecyparis pisifera cv. filifera aurea (Sawara Cypress) proudly shows off its gracefully weeping golden foliage.

Picture credits: Margery Ennist.

Art at the Frelinghuysen Arboretum

Scattered about the various garden rooms at the Arboretum there are several statues to be found. Close to the Cottage Garden and Barkman Vegetable Garden there is a Herm of Bacchus, the Roman god of wine, and another of an unidentified female. In case you don’t know, a Herm is a sculpture with a head and perhaps a torso above a plain, usually squared lower section. Next to the Knot Garden close to the Mansion, there is a small, sweet statue of a young girl cradling a lamb (or is it a puppy?). And in the Sylvan Terrace below a bridge there are a couple of metal Cranes standing in a bed of fallen leaves.

I’m curious as to the provenance and history of these pieces. If anyone knows, I’d love to hear. Thanks!

Variegated Foliage in the Winter Garden 12/28/22

Evergreen foliage is not confined to pines, spruces or firs, a variety of plants retain their leaves during the winter months. There are some beautiful examples of this at The Frelinghuysen Arboretum, i.e., the green and yellow speckled leaves of Aucuba japonica cv. Variegata (Spotted Laurel), the yellow and green leaves of a variegated Ilex glabra (Variegated Inkberry Holly), the green and yellow pointed leaves of Osmanthus heterophyllus ‘Goshiki’ (Holly Osmanthus) and the green and white serrated leaves of Euonymus fortunei cv. Variegatus (Wintercreeper Euonymus) growing up a tree trunk.

Picture credits: Margery Ennist.

Today at the Arboretum – 12/21/22

A chilly walk around the Arboretum’s grounds today. The sun was casting long, mid-afternoon shadows across the ground in the Japanese Maple garden, the Meadow behind the Mansion was bathed in a soft, golden glow and the bright red berries on the Ilex corallina x aquifolium ‘Centennial Girl’ (Holly Hybrid) added a festive touch to the large Holly next to the Marsh Meadow Deck.

Picture credits: Margery Ennist.

This Week at the Arboretum – 12/14/22

Sunny, crisp and cool, in the mid-40s with a lovely blue sky. There are signs of winter on the Arboretum grounds now, a patch of snow by the rock garden and a frozen pond near the Alpine Garden.

Now that the leaves have fallen, we can appreciate Mother Nature’s design in the intricate architecture exhibited by the branches of the Cercidiphyllum japonicum f. pendulum (Weeping Katsura Tree). This is another one of The Frelinghuysen Arboretum’s NJ Champion Trees which can be visited near the Mansion.

Picture credits: Margery Ennist.

Today at the Frelinghuysen Arboretum – 12/7/22

Misty and foggy at the Arboretum today, but the grounds have been decorated for the holidays, which greatly contributed towards lifting my spirits. Red and green gnomes and some festive tuteurs line the entrance walk to the Haggerty Education Center. A lovely wreath created by the Home Garden Club of Morristown decorates the Carriage House doors, and a kissing ball hangs in front of the Mansion.

The Friends decorated a tree for the Morris County Park Commission’s Festival of Trees. We named our tree Woodland Friends and it’s decorated with birds, flowers, forest creatures, feathers, origami stars and a large owl as a tree topper surveying his domain! Here’s a photo, but please note that our tree can be much better appreciated in person! 

Register to attend the Festival of Trees through the Morris County Park Commission at 973 326-7601.

Pictures courtesy Margery Ennist.

Labyrinth Stones, Pictures by Katharine Boyle

Katharine Boyle sent a group of photos of some of the labyrinth stones at the Arboretum, saying in her email, “Enclosed are some images from my longer jaunt at the arboretum on November 23. I was admiring the beautifully-painted rocks at the labyrinth and photographed the ones that resonated with me. “

Katharine Boyle – 11/20/22

Frequent contributor, Katharine Boyle, sent these nice pictures with a brief note: “Enclosed are some images from my short time at the arboretum on November 20. It was quite cold and windy, not ideal for me with my macro lens. But, it made for a few “impressionistic” images.”

This Week at the Arboretum – 11/30/22

It was a cool and cloudy day at the Arboretum. I found an interesting Echinops ritro (Globe Thistle) seed head in the bed by the Scherer Pavillion and a beautiful Euonymus fortunei cv. Variegatus (Wintercreeper Euonymus) climbing up a tree across from the Waterwise Deck; an opened fruit, nestled among the crisp green and white leaves.

A young Beech (Fagus spp) sits under larger trees next to the bus parking area, while stubbornly holding on to its browned leaves. This is a phenomenon known as marcescence, and can be seen in other trees as well, such as Oaks and Hornbeams. The thinking is that retaining leaves until spring could be a means of slowing the decomposition of the leaves (they would rot faster if on the ground) and that dropping them in spring delivers organic material at a time when it is most needed by the growing tree. Isn’t Mother Nature wonderful?

Picture credits: Margery Ennist.

This Week at the Arboretum – 11/23/22

An amazingly mild, sunny day in the low 50’s. A large clump of sweet-smelling yellow flowers (probably a Chrysanthemum variety) is still blooming in the perennial gardens and the bees are swarming over this last source of nectar for the season. The Hamamelis vernalis next to the Waterwise Deck is decked out in delicate, strappy yellow flowers and a PJM Rhododendron, also by the Waterwise Deck, is covered in deep red leaves.

Enjoy a visit soon.

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