At the Arboretum – 10-3-23

Gorgeous weather, clear blue skies, sunny, a light breeze, temperatures in the low 80s – there’s nothing quite like a beautiful Indian Summer day! The pollinators at the Arboretum were taking advantage of the weather as well and were all over the gardens doing their dance.  A male Monarch Butterfly was flying from flower to flower on the Verbena bonariensis plants; the males can be identified by the dark scent patch along the fifth vein of the hindwing. An unidentified butterfly (perhaps a Painted Lady?) was also visiting the Verbena flower clusters and bees were all over the Caryopteris shrubs. A Nasturtium continues to bloom in the gardens next to Matilda’s cottage, a bright sunny yellow with red veins.

Picture credits: Margery Ennist.