At the Arboretum – 6/19/24

I had a chance to walk around the Arboretum grounds this week, even in the heat, I was able to find shady spots and cool plantings such as the crisp, green and white combination of Cornus kousa ‘Wolf Eyes’ leaves and Hydrangea macrophylla cv. Tokyo Delight lacecap flowers (Wolf Eyes Japanese Dogwood and Tokyo Delight Bigleaf Hydrangea) next to the first bay in the parking lot. A large planting of purple Stachys officinalis (Bishop’s Wort, Betony or Wood Betony) completely surrounded the shady base of a tree at the end of another parking bay. As I strolled along, I happened upon a lovely view of the driveway coming up from Hanover Avenue, beautifully framed by shady greenery.

Come for a visit and discover your own special shady places!

Photo credits: Margery Ennist