At the Arboretum – May 31, 2023

Summer has arrived, albeit unofficially, at the Arboretum. Several varieties of Baptisia are blooming in the gardens, including a lovely Baptisia cv. Pink Lemonade (Decadence® Deluxe False Indigo). A gorgeous Deutzia cv. Pink-a-Boo (Deutzia Pink-a-Boo) is in full bloom in the vicinity of the Marsh Meadow Deck. In the Nurserymen’s Garden on the walk to the Haggerty Education Center’s entrance, a Nepenthes alata (Tropical Pitcher Plant) is showing off its exotic vegetation. This plant is endemic to the Philippines, and, like all pitcher plants, it is carnivorous using its nectar to attract insects that drown in the pitcher and are digested by the plant. Drama in the garden!

Picture credits: Margery Ennist.