“Black Gold” for Your Garden… Composting Simplified, by Cheri Wilczek

Saturday 04-18-20 12:00 am (Eastern) 1:00p

Location: Haggerty Center


Friends’ Plant Sale Gardening Education Extravaganza- Talk #3

Everyone has kitchen scraps, clippings from house and garden plants, leaves and brush available for recycling. Just a little effort can turn these resources into compost that can nourish your plants better than anything bought in a bag and do it much more cheaply. Gardeners call compost “black gold” and at this talk you’ll learn the science of com- posting and provide easy-to-follow recipes to get started.

We’ve put together a day filled with gardening ideas featuring the expertise of Rutgers Master Gardeners of Morris County. Each talk is eligible for 1.0 Rutgers Master Gardener CEU’s. Sign up for as many as you like (to ensure we have enough handouts) and plan to bring a bag lunch and enjoy the garden during our midday break!