Hanging Kokedama Plant

by Lesley Parness

Around this time of year, my fingers are itching to touch soil and roots. So learning about kokedama offered the perfect winter time planting technique. I first saw these charming plantings at last year’s Philadelphia Flower Show in the booth of City Planters, a Philly florist. I was enchanted, bought one and have been learning about them since then. At each of the following websites, you will need to search “kokedama.” Start at for a quick intro. Pretty cool, yes?

Next stop to see examples of how to hang these adorable, charming plantlets and to learn their historic connection to bonsai. Speaking of which, has more neat images of kokedama. There are good tutorials at, and At, there is an 8 minute long video from Japan to watch and at many people show off their favorite hanging gardens. offers Aussies making string plant gardens. magazine has two articles on the topic and both point us to the brilliant work of Nederlander Fedor Van der Valk. Count on the Dutch to take this to the next level at Inspired? You have enough information to try this on your own, or join the Virtual Gardener at the Kokedama class offered on January 18th at The Frelinghuysen Arboretum.