The Rush of Citrus

It’s worth the olfactory desert of January to smell, on a sunny afternoon in February, the rush of citrus. There’s a lovely Meyer’s Lemon waiting for you at Willowwood’s conservatory.

For some closer to home, grow your own. For the real deal on growing your own, check out recommendations at, Use their citrus variety information chart.  Rangpur Lime sounds divine (I dimly hear the clink of ice cubes…)

Master Gardeners are in the know at

You’ll find serious cultural advice at, search “growing citrus indoors.” Mr. P. Allen Smith has a video, naturally, and you can watch him prune a citrus tree at, search “growing citrus in containers.”  He’s so cute when he says scale – skay-ul!  But cuter still is the Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s Scott Appell. Learn how his Bubbi Irene started his love affair with citrus at, search “Manhattan Marmalade.”

I would love to teach a class on citrus and have lime, tangerine and lemon trees for sale.  If you are interested in such a class for next year, email me and we’ll make it happen.

Lesley Parness is Superintendent of Horticultural Education at The Morris County Park Commission. She can be reached at