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Plant Sale 2024 Photos

Many thanks again to everyone who participated in this year’s Plant Sale, either by volunteering, organizing, advertising, purchasing plants, etc. Thanks to everyone, we had a very successful sale this year which will allow us to continue supporting The Frelinghuysen Arboretum with planting grants, grants for summer interns, etc. Here are just a few shots of this year’s sale.

Many thanks to volunteer and Member, Ann Mauro, for her great photos!

Plant Sale Setup – 2024

The Plant Sale began in earnest Monday morning by putting shelving together and hanging lights before the “stars of the show’ (3,700 plants) arrived. The afternoon was spent organizing and tagging the plants for sale. We had fun. A very exciting start to a great Plant Sale!

Thanks to Heather Emelander for these nice pictures of the activities.

Vines and Climbers at the Plant Sale

Among the many beautiful plants at this year’s plant sale, we are offering these beautiful vines and climbers.

Clematis Henryi
Clematis Henryi

Clematis Henryi

‘Henryi’ features profuse, showy, eight-sepaled, 6-8″ in diameter, white flowers with purplish brown anthers that cover this vine in summer. Bloom on this cultivar comes primarily from the previous year’s stems in early summer, but also occurs in a second flush later in the summer on the new (current year’s) growth.

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Landscape Plugs at the Plant Sale

This year at the Annual Plant Sale Under the Tent the Friends will be selling Landscape Plugs. 

Here are some of the benefits of using them instead of a larger container plants:

  • Plants reach flowering size in their first season and have a high transplant success rate.
  • Reduced labor costs for installation
  • Compact size is easy to transport with reduced handling costs
  • Reduced waste on the job site
  • Root channels, tapered cells and drainage holes direct roots to one point for air pruning, resulting in dramatically reduced root circling.
  • Reduced growing medium creates optimal root density for quicker establishment in native soil
  • Easy to plant under existing trees with minimal root disturbance.
  • Easier to fill in gaps in existing plantings.
  • Economical option for large green infrastructure and stormwater management projects.

Below are the selections you’ll be able to choose from:

Aster cordifolius 

Aster novi-belgii 

Carex pensylvanica 

Echinacea purpurea 

Eupatorium dub. Little Joe 

Heuchera villosa Bronze Wave 

Iris versicolor Purple Flame 

Monarda didyma Jacob Cline 

Pycnanthemum muticum 

Solidago Solar Cascade 

Viola Silver Gem 

Detailed descriptions and photos may be found here.

Landscape Plugs at the Plant Sale