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Virtual Gingerbread (VGBW) Help

Virtual Gingerbread Overview

Virtual Gingerbread 2020 is implemented on the Friends’ website through the following:

  • Entry Form – available to the public at this url: An entrant fills out the form and saves it on line. It is added to the sit’s database, with the OKd field set to “No”.
  • All the forms may be seen by Editors or Admins using one of the Admin views (see below), but only forms with the OKd field set to “Yes” will be visible on the Public views.
  • Website editors or admins may edit the Entry Forms and OK them.
  • At the appropriate time, the public will be invited to view and vote on entries using the Public Voting view.
  • An Admin View is available that will allow downloading a csv file of data from all the entries.

How to OK or Edit an Entry

  • Log in on website
  • Use VGBW-Admin by OKd view – this is sorted with Not OKd at the top.
  • Click on title of the entry you want to OK or Edit.
  • Click on Edit
    • Make sure the selfie image is in the 4th position, since the Public display view shows only the first 3 images.
      • If necessary, change order using Row Weights
      • First, click on “Show row weights” above first image.
      • Then, change the selfie’s weight to 4 (that will move it to 4th position when you save).
    • Edit other fields as necessary
    • Click OKd: Yes
    • Click Save
    • The entry should now be visible in the VGBW-Public views.

Virtual Gingerbread Views

There are 5 views:

  • 3 Admin views accessible only by logged in users with Role of Editor or Administrator:.
    • Admin – by Date – All entries, sorted in descending order of date created.
    • Admin – by OKd – All entries, sorted 1st descending by OKd, 2nd descending by date created
    • VGBW CSV Export – exports csv file of all entries
  • 2 Public views:
    • Public – no voting buttons – Only OKd and Published entries
    • Public – with voting buttons (under development) – Only OKd and Published entries, but including Voting Buttons