Changing Climates, Changing Gardens: Protecting Plants in the 21st Century

Thursday 04-17-14 12:00 am (Eastern) 1:00p - 3:00p

Location: Haggerty Center

New pests and diseases are on the rise, and our favorite garden plants are the targets. Biological disruptions are happening in our environment due to changes in our global economy and climate.

Plant pathologist and author, Margery Daughtrey, shares her perspective and insights on how gardeners will need to deal with threats such as rose rosette virus, impatiens downy mildew, boxwood blight, and Asian long-horned beetle. Margery is the Senior Extension Associate with the Department of Plant Pathology, Cornell University. She has conducted a research and extension program on the management of diseases of ornamental plants since 1978, at Cornell’s Long Island Horticultural Research and Extension Center in Riverhead, NY.

This program is eligible for 2.0 Rutgers Master Gardener CEU’s.

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