Perennials For Fall


Fall is a spendid time in the garden where many varieties display shapes and colors that rival the better-known maple varieties. When planning your garden, think about a number of these plants showing which show blossoms and foliar color from August through November.

The plants in the following table may all be seen at the Frelinghuysen Arboretum.

Table of Fall Perennials

Botanical Name Common Name Bloom Time Color Height
Aconitum x arendsii Monkshood Oct-Nov Purple-blue 6′
Allium senescen Allium Sept Lavender 12″
Allium thunbergii ‘Ozawa’ Flowering Onion Oct-Nov Pink, White 6-12″
Anemone x ‘Bressingham Glow’ Japanese Anemone Sept-Oct Pink 2-4′
Anemone tomentosa ‘Robustissima Japanese Anemone Aug –Sept Pink 2-4′
Aster x frikartii Aster July-Sept Lavender 2-3′
Aster novae-angliae New England Aster Sept-Oct Mixed 3-6′
Aster tartaricus Tartar Aster Oct-Nov Lavender 4-6′
Begonia grandis Hardy Begonia Sept Pink, White 2-3′
Calluna vulgaris Heather Aug-Nov Pink, Red, White 2′
Chelone lyonii Turtlehead Aug-Sept Pink, White 3-4′
Chrysanthemum x morifolium Garden Mum Aug-Nov Various 2-4′
Chrysanthemum articu Artic Daisy Oct White 2-3′
Cimicifuga ramosa ‘Atropurpurea’ Bugban Sept White 5-8′
Echinacea purpurea Purple Cone Flower July-Oct Purple-pink, White 2-3′
Eupatorium coelestinum Hardy Ageratum Sept-Oct Blue 2′
Gentiana asclepiadea Gentian Sept Blue 1-2′
Gentiana septemfida Gentian Sept Blue 1-2′
Kirengeshoma palmate Kirengeshoma Aug-Sept Yellow 2-3′
Physostegia virginiana Obedience Plant Aug-Oct Pink, White 2-3′
Sedum spectabil Stonecrop September Pink 2-3′
Sedum x ‘Autumn Joy’ Stonecrop Aug-Oct Pink to Red 2-3′
Sedum x ‘Ruby Glow’ Stonecrop Aug-Oct Pink to Red 1′
Tricyrtis hirta ‘Alba’ Toad Lily Sept-Oct White, Lavender 2-3′
Vernonia noveboracensis New York Ironweed Sept Purple 5-7′