This Week at the Arboretum – 11/16/22

The nice warm weather we’ve been enjoying has given way to colder, more seasonal weather with the possibility of a snow shower overnight. In spite of the forecast, color is still to be found on the grounds at the Arboretum. A pretty, red, heart-shaped leaf of Disanthus cercidifolius clinging to the shrub which is in the Witch Hazel family. The vibrant orange leaves of Hamamelis vernalis ‘Red Imp’ (a vernal Witch Hazel cultivar) providing a spot of color next to the Haggerty Education Center.

The fall and winter months are a great time to see different colors, textures, forms, shapes and sizes, as in the combination of a tall green female Juniperus virginiana cv. Corcorcor (Emerald Sentinel Juniper), a shorter Picea pungens cv. Splitrock (Colorado Spruce cultivar) on the right and the softly spreading leaves of a Panicum virgatum cv. Prairie Skies (Switch Grass) in front of both.