Today at the Arboretum – 1/11/23

Chilly and damp for my walk around the grounds today, but still found beauty in the upper parking lot beds. A gorgeous combination of color, texture and size provided by the stiff branches of Picea pungens cv. Glauca Globosa (Blue Colorado Spruce Cultivar), the soft seedheads of Miscanthus sinensis cv. Graziella (Eulalia Grass) and the tall, bronzy needles of Picea orientalis (Oriental Spruce). In the same bed, the large Juniperus virginiana cv. Corcorcor (Emerald Sentinel Juniper) is full of bluish berries. Last, but not least, a large, rounded Chamaecyparis pisifera cv. filifera aurea (Sawara Cypress) proudly shows off its gracefully weeping golden foliage.

Picture credits: Margery Ennist.