Community Garden Conference


2016 Community Garden Conference Held March 5th

We hope you enjoyed the Fifth Annual Conference held at The Frelinghuysen Arboretum on March 5th -- we sure did.

Here is a pdf of the "Lettuce Begin" slide presentation - click on it to download.

2013 Community Garden Conference Held March 2nd

The Third Annual Community Garden Conference was held at The Frelinghuysen Arboretum on March 2nd and was a resounding success. Impressive speakers, an enthusiastic audience and fascinating topics made the day fly by. Click on the image at right to go to our picture gallery where you can see a number of pictures from the conference.

2013 Speaker Slides

As promised, we are happy to make pdf's of the speakers' slides available as they provide them to us. We will update the list as we get the files:

  • Finding Funding - A Development Primer, by Dr. Lesley Parness, Superintendent of Horticultural Education for the Morris County Park Commission.
  • Growing Small Fruit by Pete Nitzsche. Pete is the Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Morris County’s Agricultural Agent and our go to person for all things fruit and vegetable related.
  • Common Insect Pest of the Vegetable Garden by Sabrina Tirpak. Sabrina is the Principal Lab Technician at the Plant Diagnostic Laboratory at Rutgers. She loves to talk about bugs!

2013 Update of Community Gardens Survey

Here is the link to this year's Community Gardens Survey. This is a very large pdf, sized to print on an 11x17 sheet, but you can open it on your screen, enlarge it (Ctrl and Plus-Sign in Windows or CMD and Plus-Sign on a Mac) and scroll back and forth to read it. Hopefully you find it useful.

Prior Year Conference

The Frelinghuysen Arboretum staged the Second Community Garden Conference on March 3, 2012 to a packed house again, indicating the degree of interest in this topic.

We have had numerous requests for more information and are pleased to make a 2012 survey update available for download.