Plant Sale Page Updates

  1. Log in to website
  2. Plant Sale Page
    1. URL:
    2. Page logic is to display articles (blog entries) with the tag “PS-18” (no quotes) in reverse order entered, i.e., latest on top.
    3. You can, however, make an article “sticky” which means it will stay at the top. We have done that In the past with an article largely based on your entry in the Spring Arboretum Leaves. I have done that already for you, but you can modify it by following the Edit Article instructions below.
  3. Enter New Articles
    1. After you log in, you will get a new menu on top that includes “Add Article.” Click on that to open the editor.
    2. Give your blog entry a nice title.
    3. Enter and format the body of the article in the Body section.
    4. Be sure to add the tag “PS-18” (no quotes) or the article will not show up on the plant sale page.
    5. Click the Save button at the bottom of the editor screen.
    6. The new blog entry should now be visible on the Plant Sale Page.
  4. Edit an Existing Article
    1. Click on the title of the article you wish to modify.
    2. On the next screen, click on Edit. That will open the article in the editor.
    3. Make the desired changes in the article.
    4. Click the Save button at the bottom of the editor screen.
    5. The modified article should now be visible on the Plant Sale Page.
  5. Insert a thumb image in an article
    1. Add text to new article.
    2. Put cursor at beginning of paragraph where you want to insert image.
    3. Click image icon in top row of WYSIWYG editor.
    4. Navigate: Browse Server | Upload | Choose File and click on image file you want to upload from your computer, then the Open button.
    5. Check the Create thumbnails – Large box, then the Upload button. This uploads the image from your computer to the server and at the same time creates a 180×180 pixel thumbnail image. The thumbnail uses the same file name prefixed with “Large_”.
    6. Click on the thumbnail name and then the Insert file button at the top.
    7. This returns you to the image properties popup. Click on the Alignment – Right button and the “Captioned Image” box, then the OK button.
    8. Your thumbnail should appear right aligned in the editor.
    9. Edit the caption to your desired text.
    10. Save the article.
  6. To link thumb image to its full-sized sibling:
    1. Navigate to article
    2. Click on Edit button at top. This opens the WYSIWYG editor screen.
    3. Make sure Text format is set to “Full HTML”
    4. Click on image, then click on Image editing icon in top row of WYSIWYG editor.
    5. Select all of the path in the URL box. Copy it (CMD-C).
    6. Close the Image Properties popup using the Cancel button.
    7. Click on Link tab.
    8. Paste the URL into the URL box. Delete the “large_” that prefixes your image file name.
    9. Set the Target to “New Window (_blank)”.
    10. Click OK.
    11. Save article.
    12. Test the link by clicking on the image. It should open a new tab on your browser showing the full-sized image.