Plant Sale 2019

The 24th Annual Friends Plant Sale

We are in the midst of getting ready for our 24th Annual Plant Sale, one of the biggest plant sales in the tristate area. Remember, it’s also an important fundraiser. Just think, by volunteering at the sale and shopping among the thousands of gorgeous plants you are helping ensure that the Friends will continue to be able to sponsor the hundreds of programs hosted at the arboretum throughout the year. How great is that?

We’re also continuing to ‘up’ the educational dimension of the sale, offering lots of free programs and ones with modest fees that are geared towards novice gardeners and also serious collectors.

So block your calendar for May 3 – 5 and invite your friends and neighbors, too. Here on our website in the coming weeks you’ll find a list of hundreds of different vegetables, herbs, annuals and tropicals, perennials, trees, and shrubs. You’ll also find posts of planting recommendations from our plant experts and links to our growers. We’ll also be posting frequent updates on our Facebook page and pictures of plants on Instagram. Plus, you’ll be able to volunteer to help at the sale by registering online by clicking here.

The weekend of the sale, we’ll again offer exclusive shopping to our members from 4:00 – 7:00 pm on Friday, May 3rd. The plant sale will be open to the public that weekend between 9:00 am – 4:00 pm on both Saturday and Sunday, with Master Gardeners and other plant advisors on hand throughout to help with recommendations of what will work best in your garden. We’re all looking forward to seeing you at the sale!

– Ilona Ontscherenki, for the entire Plant Sale Team


Ordering Plants while volunteering at The Flower Show!

Hi Fellow Plant Lovers!

Did you land here on this page because you are snowbound today or is it just too cold to go outside?   Well, I'm down in Philly volunteering at the Flower Show and giving early morning tours this week.  After my duties are over, I'm spending time ordering plants for the upcoming sale in May.  I thought I'd share a favorite image from THE FLOWER SHOW.  I'm thinking about hundreds of plants and have my thinking cap on!  This delightful design made solely of pressed flowers won a blue ribbon. Enjoy!