Photo Gallery Instructions

  1. Log in to website. You need permissions of “Photo Editor” or above to perform the next steps.
  2. Prepare your photos
    1. You may use png, gif, jpg or jpeg files.
    2. Make sure the images have been resized so the short edge is no more than 1300 pixels.
    3. Save the resized images in an easily-found folder on your computer.
  3. Navigate to Photo Gallery page.
  4. Click on “Add image-gallery” link in right-sidebar.
  5. On the “Create Image Gallery” form:
    1. Add a title
    2. Add body text. The editor will allow you to apply formatting as desired.
    3. In the add new files box on the right,
      1. Click “Browse” and browse to the folder in step 2.3, above and select the photos you want to add.
      2. Click “Upload”
        1. Note the 8 Mb upload limitation. You may have to do multiple uploads if you have a lot of files or if you didn’t shrink them sufficiently.
      3. Thumbnails of all the images should appear in a column on the right.
      4. You can drag images into a different sequence if desired.
      5. You can add a title to each image by typing into the Title box associated with each image.
    4. When ready, click the “Save” button on the bottom left of the form.
    5. Return to the Photo Gallery (click on PhotoGallery menu item at top) and see your new gallery at the top of the page. These are arranged in descending order by date created.
    6. You can edit an individual image gallery by clicking its title, then the “Edit” tab and modifying the text, rearranging the images, adding images, etc.
      1. Remember to click the “Save” button when done.